April 8, 2020

AD // Helping Hand Stories by Sarah, Duchess of York // Review.

Disclaimer – This review was meant to include a giveaway but due to COVID19 and not wanting to send out any unnecessary mail I have decided to do a simple review with a giveaway in the future when this is all over. thank you for understanding. “I had a conversation the other day with a mum who had recently read the stories to her young…

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April 7, 2020

AD // Home Education with Mrs Mactivity // Review

Home schooling and home education has always been something I wanted to achieve, I pride myself on the knowledge and tricks that I gained from working with children in the past, working in school and my qualification in childcare and early years education but unfortunately it has been a good few years I put that knowledge into practice so I needed a little help. Mrs…

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April 4, 2020

My 7 Self-Care Essentials // Lifestyle

Self-care at the best of times is an important aspect of life, we all go through stressful moments but more so at the minute with COVID-19 taking over the headlines and causing fear pretty much everywhere. And it got me not only thinking about my own self-care but what it is exactly that I do to help myself during these times of much needed self…

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April 2, 2020

Plenty of Fish, but I prefer Me // Lifestyle

What can I say? life has been unstable for a while now, since October 2018 for that matter but I won’t get to much into that part of this post, Back in January 2019 I downloaded plenty of fish, for those who don’t know plenty of fish is a dating app, I mainly downloaded it because part of me hoped that if my ex saw…

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April 1, 2020

How to Soothe and Restore those hands with Sudocrem.

How to soothe and restore those hands It’s used to soothe nappy rash and acne-prone skin, now, the British public are turning to Sudocrem to heal dry skin caused by hand sanitiser and frequent hand washing. Sales of the familiar brand have increased by 25% in the last few weeks as many people are stocking up on this household favourite. “Repeated and frequent use of…

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