June 16, 2019

Supporting a Vegetarian Child

Last week, my wonderful first born Kai decided that he no longer wished to kill and eat animals, he did tell me shortly after a meat meal but the fact that he not only ate it willingly and then after told me his choice was pretty sweet.

I believe that, due to a trip to a local farm, he realized that animals are our food source and after much thinking and asking questions about meat to me, made the emotionally educated and rather grown up decision to remove meat from his diet and I completely support him, and if I am honest, I feel so proud of him.

The beauty of it all is that I am branching out in the whole cooking department, we’ve made some delightful meals and have enjoyed them all, even my meat monster Amelia who very much doesn’t want to change her diet any time soon and thanks to a few friends I have on twitter I have made some lovely new meals and opened up my mind to new tastes and textures.

How to Support a Vegetarian Child

The thing that I have found most challenging in all of this is purely making sure he is getting the right stuff for his body, obviously with the lack of meat there will be a lack of protein in his diet so a lot of the meals that I have found and tried for him are fully stocked with protein goodies, We only had two meals together before he and his sisters went to their dads for the weekend so I made sure that his first two meals into the world of veg was something he would enjoy. the first being a yummy root veg stew and a delicious gnocchi pasta bake but once they are home we are off to the shops to find some quorn to try other things.

Kai isn’t fond of spicy food, and with the not so much bland, but basic meals I cooked for him i showed him he could basically have the same sort of food just without the meat but I am paying attention to what my son likes and doesnt like to help him enjoy his new foodie world.

As you can probably tell I am extremely excited for him to start being a non meat eater, and I truly am so proud of him, I am or I used to be a vegetarian, I sometimes switch between the two every few months, but I am going to enjoy cooking new and fun meals in future.

Do you have any tips for budding veggies? 


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