August 11, 2019

Glossybox Monthly Roundup – August 2019

This is a post that I had begun to start missing writing, I get a monthly box full of makeup and beautiful products and I would often sit down at the beginning of the month to share with you what I got, so I decided that now I am back into a swing of writing and creating content I thought to start it up again.

This months box is actually stunning, I love collecting the pretty style boxes, so much so that I have a large collection on my book shelves which my partner saw the other night and asked what they were, embarrassingly, I am a magpie and the fact that this months box is a giant shiny thing I am really attracted to it.

This months box celebrates Glossybox and its birthday, all the items bar one are full size which is alway a delight, one of my favourite things about the glossbox monthly is that more often than not it has full size products inside it.

HUDA BEAUTY – Lip Strobe

This is now the second Huda Beauty product that I own, from I believe a previous Glossybox I got another liquid lipstick and I honestly lovely it, this time its a Lip Strobe that you apply to any lipstick to add a shimmer to it, there was a selection of four different shades to get and I got a beautiful shimmering gold shade that I honestly love. you don’t need to apply a lot onto your lips to get the desired effect but its a perfect addition to my makeup collection and I know I will be using it a lot in the coming months with Christmas just around the corner (nope not excited at all).

FURR – Rose Gold Lash Curler

Whats funny about this is the fact that I have been on the hunt for a lash curler for a long time now that I am experimenting with false eyelashes a bit more, its almost like this was a meant to be product that landed right into my lap and I couldn’t be happier, plus the fact that its rose gold is a bonus!

WILKINSON SWORD – Quattro For Women Razor

this is another one of those good moment products that landed into my lap, having previously got a razor from Glossybox a few months back I have now used it to death and lack any replacement heads for it, and with the fact that for some odd reason womens razors are extremely expensive, this was a lucky addition!

BEAUTYPRO – Eye Therapy

I have always wanted to try some of these eye masks or face masks, with the fact that its now summer holidays I am not getting much sleep and I am developing some nasty bags under my eyes, I look forward to using this when I am relaxing while my children go and visit their dad for the weekend coming. my poor eyes!!

BANG BEAUTY – Felt Tip Liner

The description on the little card that came with the box calls this eyeliner waterproof and smudge proof and I am willing to put that to the test, with it being hay fever season I am forever wiping my eyes or having to deal with watery eyes that ruin any makeup that I wear, I love how thin it is and so far its not come off!

Now its time for a bit of a pamper and enjoy these fantastic products, its safe to say that I have always loved glossybox and highly recommend it to anyone who asks about the best monthly box to do. if you are interested in subscribing then check out their website, Glossybox also do a advent calendar which I did get last year and am tempted to get this year as well.

All information is on their website.

*Links in this post are not affiliated in anyway, I was not paid for this post.



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