September 19, 2019

Gus & Bella | September 2019 Box

Not sure if you’ve been here long on my blog but I adore a monthly subscription box with my Glossybox Roundup series that I am a little late on this month, I jumped at the chance to try out this fabulous box called Gus & Bella.

The premise of this lovely and fun box is that it’s designed for cat owners and their furry friends to enjoy new things and have a little pamper for ourselves. inspired by two beautiful felines who the box is named after gives something for cat and cat parent to enjoy throughout the month at the reasonable price of £26.95 a month.


Starting off with this adorable little cooler lunch bag which I will most definitely be using when I next go on some adventures with my real life kittens. The print on the bag is so cute and charming, I do however have a feeling I will be loosing this bag to my daughters who are equally big on cats as I am.


Up next was this little book called Test Your Cat : Is your cat an undiscovered genius by E.M Bard which basically lets you test how smart your fuzzy friend is, I adore the cute little illustrations and how it even includes tips on how to improve your cats IQ, but I think with anything that comes with cats, sometimes, even the smartest of felines will only do what they want to do.


A mixture of treats for you and cat, the good thing about the treats that come in this box is they are all junk free and good for your cat, Loki my mainecoon is particularly addicted to the chicken breast treats, so much so that Ive had to hide them out of his reach, Candy Kittens is also a firm family favourite since my son enjoys vegan sweets, and yes, that is a freeze pop for your pet!


This has been Loki’s personal favourite thing out of this box, he could sniff out the catnip from even the closed box so I knew he would love it, my children also enjoy playing with him with it, he’s usually a well reserved and frankly a lazy cat but this has sparked a little kitten inside of him!


We love snack boxes in our house, coupled with the wonderful cooler lunch bag these are going to be perfect for me and my kittens when we go out and about my youngest has already claimed the smaller box for her raisins in her preschool lunch bag, I was actually looking at getting some of these from amazon so getting them in this box is a plus!


I honestly love this box! I think its a wonderful thing for cat lovers to not only have a laugh and fun with their pet but to enjoy little cute cat things for yourself, I highly recommend you give the Gus & Bella Box a go and you won’t be disappointed in the lovely goodies you’ll get!



*This box was sent to me for review purposes only, all thoughts and opinions are my own, I was not paid


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