• Easter Trail at Cammas Hall // Days Out

    Now I realize this is a little late to the party post but I wanted to share with you what fun we had during the Easter holidays this year, given that lockdown was easing and that it was my birthday on the day we went as well. Easter Adventure time! Cammas Hall is a place ive shared a few times here, we go when we can with my mum whenever the strawberries are out in full bloom and ready for good eats or of course when the pumpkins are ready for picking for Halloween, but I’ve never used the opportunity to go there for any of their other events, this one was a wonderful and fun Easter event that continued through the Easter holidays so there was plenty of time for you to go and enjoy the sunshine and fun. Cammas Hall Farm is found just outside of Harlow in a small village, neatly tucked away from the busy life of the world, I have always enjoyed going there, I often describe it a fun place to photograph as a lot of my fruit photos that I’ve taken have come from here, they house a range of wonderful fruits and… View Post

    Adventures to Paradise Wildlife Park // Days Out

    A few weeks ago after trying to figure out what to do in the final week of the summer holidays, I decided to take the children to a local wildlife park. Not big on zoo’s personally but I was thinking of days out and fun things the children would love to do, so Paradise Wildlife Park was where we went. Paradise Wildlife Park is a large zoo situated in the Hertfordshire countryside, its history doesn’t have the best record as when it first opened it had poor animal care and was considered one of the worst zoos in England and you all know my views on Big Cat and wildlife care when it comes to their homes but over the course of the years they have continued to change, develop and become a much better home for all the creatures they have in their care and also have stopped breeding their white lions which is a huge step in the right direction. Going with my mum, we left after lunch and made our way to Paradise Wildlife Park, being a little worried as the weather wasn’t exactly on our side and it was extremely windy as there was a storm… View Post

    Adventures to Mersea Island // Days Out.

    Now originally this was meant to have been a solo trip to south end with my children and I, then I got the fear and asked my mum to tag along and just before she paid for her train tickets to join me on the journey, my train got cancelled and therefor our trip basically got cancelled, however with that my mum booked her day off anyway and my middle child’s desperate need to go to the seaside for the day we planned a day out anyway, deciding against going to Shoeberryness and instead go to Mersea Island. Mersea Island is as it says, an island in Essex which is connected to the mainland by a causeway and a road that gets flooded twice a day, the island itself its split by West Mersea and East Mersea, its beautiful, quiet and extremely non tourist which is always something I tend to go for when it comes to beach visits. As mum had been there before and I hadn’t it seemed like a fitting place to visit on our scheduled beach trip. Driving there wasn’t a bad of journey, travelling through the Essex countryside is always such a beautiful aspect of… View Post

    Adventure to Sealife London // Days Out

    During the half term, me and my children tried to get out as much as we could and I had to take them to sealife in London for the day, I booked our tickets online as it worked out a little cheaper and prepared for a fun little day in London. Before I used to shy in fear about taking my litter into London, but I’ve developed a little but of confidence and really wanted to get them to experience some of the wonderful tourist locations in our capital city. costing around £120 for the five of us, which I ordered a family ticket as it did indeed work out a lot cheaper as I said, we set the day for the Thursday. Getting there was nice and easy, the plan was to get the train to Liverpool Street train station and make the walk there, which wasn’t a bad walk, I did take the push chair purely for tired legs and for somewhere to put all the coats and lunches, on the walk to sealife we stopped beside the river and had our much needed lunch that I had packed for them and Matt showed them around a pier… View Post

    Harry Potter Studio Tour // Days Out

    I don’t know if any of you are aware but I adore Harry Potter. I have read the books more times than I can remember and I have obviously watched the films an equal amount of times, I have participated in fan art and fan fiction in my youth and proudly wear the Hufflepuff colours. So when my boyfriend turned up at my door with a surprise trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour I was over the moon! I couldn’t believe it, not only had he got us the tickets to the actual studio tour but tickets to go behind the seams.. literally and view some of the costumes and how they created them. The day started with getting into his car to the sound of the hedwig theme and a long car journey towards Watford and towards the Warner Bro’s Studio, surprisingly there wasn’t many people there when we arrived, it was a week before half term happened so it was pretty quiet, we managed to sort our tickets out and head in with very little issues. Walking into the Studio the first thing you see is the giant dragon from Gringots Bank, hanging from the ceiling surrounded… View Post