• February Monthly Favourites // Lifestyle

    I always make a comment that these months fly by, February did thats for sure and not because it only had 29 days, it just felt like a busy mad month that I didn’t get time to do anything I had planned to do. Last months favourites got me inspired to cook and create. This months favourites are all about what I decorate my home with, not that I am going with themes or anything its just I am very aware that this month all my favourites are from my home decor. ** H o u s e  P l a n t s – I have developed a thing for house plants, I have a smallish collection of them around my home and my personal favourite is my monstera which sits proudly on my windowsill, it has been attacked by a small cat but other than that its thrived and is growing new leafs frequently. I also have two orchids which I have yet to murder, a snake plant that doesn’t require any care whatsoever (the perfect plant for plant murderers) and this other plant that I got from Lazy Flora which I am not entirely sure what it is but… View Post

    June Monthly Favourites

    July at last!! This month has been nothing but warmth and hay fever so expect a lot of complaining from me in this post, also I know I usually post these at the end of the previous month but life got ahead of me and there is nothing worse than sitting up a computer while its hot.. Motivation hasn’t been my strong point this month that’s for sure! Once again I will be doing a ‘Mummy’ favorites, lots of lovely things that I have loved that have helped me through this wonderful journey of motherhood and beyond and this usually is bath products and toys ha! Daewoo Floor Fan (it says its sold out but always check the stores)– we got this a couple of days ago from Home Bargains and it’s swiftly become the favorite thing ever! England has been hit by a heatwave (or summer to the rest of us). It cost £29 but it’s so worth it! Cools the room down so quickly and I am honestly tempted to go back and get another one! It’s my biggest fan 😉 haha! Treacle Moon Pear Bon Bon– I grabbed this in Tesco’s and oh my goodness it’s amazing, it… View Post