• Sightings From April // Photography

    S I G H T I N G ‘ S  F R O M  A P R I L I love photography! A few years ago I joined in with a post that another blogger did which was called ‘sightings from..‘. I am unsure if she does the post herself anymore but basically throughout the month of photograph taking you pick your favorites from the end of the month and share them. she had this post on her blog that shared hers and one photo from the collection of other bloggers who also joined in. I enjoyed going it so much then and now that I am jumping back into blogging again I thought what better way than to do this kind of post style again. I am of course big into photography having tried to make sure that my camera comes with me whenever I go on my journeys, i had enough to share with you this month. A P R I L  2 0 2 1. This month has been bright and beautiful and of course full of adventure, Neil and I went to Brighton which has been a city I have always wanted to visit but never… View Post