• The Baby Hamper // A Gift for new mums this Christmas // Review

    As my time having babies is since long gone, it doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy and share some of the fantastic products that are available at the minute to gift to new mums. The Baby Hamper Company are a delightful little company started new mum Chloe and Christine, a new nan wanted to find the perfect gift for new mums which are unique and simple, it is actually, from experience, hard to find a perfect gift for a new mum that isn’t an offer to clean her home or cook dinner for her, but occasionally a little box with a few essentials means the absolute world to us. There are all sorts of Baby Hampers to gift, ranging from single babies, boy or girl to twins, luxury hampers and hampers with personalised items inside them which I am big on when it came to buying things for my babies in the early days, there is also a create your own hamper as well so you can add your own personal twist on what you can gift inside the box. I think what I love the most about what The Baby Hamper company have to offer is that not only are… View Post

    Getting Our Tree from Larkins Farm // Review // Christmas 2020

    Finding our Christmas tree this year was always going to be a task, due to Covid 19 and the fact that England was once again in a lighter version of lockdown, I was extremely worried that we wouldn’t get one. However through the children’s’ school and a wonderful email that they sent out that gave us all a 20% discount code for a local Christmas tree seller, I was feeling a lot more relaxed in the knowledge that our dream Christmas would be coming true after all. Larkins Farm which is located right in the middle of Epping and Chelmsford, I had no idea there was one there or that they offered a delivery to your door services, but with the fact that we couldn’t actually go out and get the tree, I decided to order one from them thanks to the schools discount code. After thinking it through and talking with my children we decided on going for a much smaller but longer lasting potted tree, going with a 4 foot tree that would end up in the garden when we finally move sounded like a perfect idea for us, while we would of course continue getting trees inside… View Post

    Little Box Massive Impact // Sustainable living with Save Money Cut Carbon // Review

    This year has been all about finding a way to be more sustainable and help reduce our carbon footprint. This little box from Save Money Cut Carbon is a fantastic way to try and add more sustainable products into our every day lives and help the planet that we live on. The website itself was set up to create easy access to some of the big brands who are also big on clean living, they provide for not only business but for homes as well so you can purchase through their website for product to help create a more green living space. Joining their club will give you access to price matches on any of their products, if you find it cheaper they will price match it, a free swap box full of items that you can swap existing products in your daily lives, I for one love the bamboo plasters, free products whenever you make your first order through the website, exclusive products and so much more. There are two types of club memberships that you can apply for, one is for trade and one is for the home, the one that I received which was kindly gifted is… View Post

    Sleeping Soundly with Bloom and Blossom // Review

    Ive shared with you some wonderful products from Bloom and Blossom before on my blog, they are a wonderful little company that sell some of the most amazing baby products you can find. This time, I was delighted to be sent some new products that they had on offer that has one thing in mind, helping children and people sleep better at night, we’ve all been there, tossing and turning and being unable to rest our heads and children struggle too. My youngest often struggles to get herself off to sleep some nights and I certainly know I do as well, more often than not we use the bath, book and bed method but sometimes.. .. a little help is needed.. Bloom and Blossom has a little collection of sweetly scented sprays and oils that can help aid a restful sleep, made with 99% naturally derived products with one single purpose and that is sleep, originally these were sent to be during lockdown but due to being really busy with homeschooling and finding it hard to juggle my blog and everything else, I put the products to one side. until recently when my youngest asked what they were and we… View Post

    Box of Favours // Ultimate Christmas Stocking Filler Gift // Review

    When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for the gentleman in my life, I am always stuck with ideas, I am the one who will get silly stupid things or the occasional sentimental ones, but Box of Favours has turned out to be such an adorable little idea from One Collective that combines silliness and and sentimental. The idea of Box of Favours is that the recipient of the gift is the one to hand out the tasks in the box itself, along with a contract for you and them to sign to say that you will be following the rules and abiding by the Box with completing all the tasks inside, not worry however the contract is completely lighthearted in case you think you are about to be forced to do some ungodly things. Inside the box, which is actually beautiful in a shade of royal blue and gold, there are 10 already made favours written down, covering things like house chores, Special meal, breakfast in bed and of course cups of tea. There is also five blank cards so you can create your own for your partner to do or you do for them, depending on who received… View Post