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    • Sleeping Soundly with Bloom and Blossom // Review

      Sleeping Soundly with Bloom and Blossom // Review
    • How to Care for a Mainecoon Cat // Pets

      How to Care for a Mainecoon Cat // Pets
    • Box of Favours // Ultimate Christmas Stocking Filler Gift // Review

      Box of Favours // Ultimate Christmas Stocking Filler Gift // Review
    • Bomb Dot Com Jolie Beauty Palette // Beauty

      Bomb Dot Com Jolie Beauty Palette // Beauty

    Thoughts and Feelings of Lockdown 2 // Personal

    This may end up being a little bit of a rambling post, primarily because I have a lot in my mind in regards to Lockdown 2 : The Sequel. Yup I am going with humour with how I cope with it, mainly because if I didn’t laugh id probably cry, but also I find it different second time around. My feelings back in March when the first lockdown happened was fear and worry, full of the unknown and it felt strange. Taking the children out of school back in March honestly felt like it was the end of the world. …But now?.. Not so much, mainly because they aren’t closing the schools, there have been plans in place for when that happens so a lot of the homeschooling isn’t placed onto the parents, but I am glad that the schools aren’t closing, which we can all agree is the polar opposite of how I felt back in march. Am I desensitised by it all? I know how the school classroom bubbles work and in my school it has worked wonderfully, I can safely say that there have been no isolation of classes since the return of school back in September.… View Post

    Snow Fairy Season is Here!! // Beauty

    It is indeed the most wonderful time of year, well almost the most wonderful time of year, its when Lush brings back the sweetest scented beauty that is Snow Fairy! But what has changed this year, besides the usual shower gel and body spray, is some new delight to enjoy bath time with and thus launches us right into another one of my little lush hauls. One of the greatest things I was very excited about finding out was probably the second I walked into the store, to find a Snow Fairy bubble bar! which are hands down my favourite products from lush. Having a bath in the middle of bright pink waters and sweet scented bubbles is always something I wanted and now add that with a Snow Fairy shampoo bar, I do feel like by the end of the year when this lovely scent goes away I will be sick to my back teeth of snow fairy but as it only comes once a year then I will make the most of it and top it all off with a bath bomb, which I feel was available last year. Now I realise not everyone is keen on Snow… View Post

    Saying Goodbye to our Pumpkins // Parenting

    Last year we didn’t get around to doing this, I had seen it everywhere on my facebook of taking the old pumpkins and popping them down in the woods for the creatures to come and eat them. I however handed them over to my mum who took them for her garden. This year I couldn’t pass the chance to do it ourselves, limited to the location in which we could put them we decided that the little woods near our play park would be best fit and of course giving the children a chance to play on the swings after we dropped them off. The RSPCA shares that pumpkins are good for all the local wildlife in England, given that this time of year when the weather turns cold and all the fruit is slowly falling out of the apple trees, its always best to use what you can for wildlife. according to the RSPCA badgers, foxes, squirrels and birds all very much enjoy pumpkins and other fruits similar (yes its a fruit) and also The Woodland Trust shares that our mini beasts enjoy the fruity insides as well. In a day of age where the number one thing on… View Post

    Happy Howlidays // The Pet Advent Calendar from Scrumbles // Review

    If you have been around here on my blog long enough you will know that I tend not to mention the ‘C’ word until perhaps mid December, but this year, given that we’ve spent the majority of it inside our homes and stressed, I decided to change that up a bit and introduce you to Scrumbles and their wonderful pet advent calendar. We’ve all heard of the makeup advent, chocolate ones and even a gin one but I had no idea you could even get ones for your pets and Scrumbles comes through with good quality pet food which is made in the UK. The story of Scrumbles started out, funnily enough, with a cat and her smelly poo, which is a charming thing to talk about in a post about Christmas, but as a responsible pet owner it is always important to take proper care in what goes into our furry friends as it will inevitably come back out again. Their desire to settle poor Boo’s tummy and doing research to learn that pet food these days isn’t as healthy as it lets on, Scrumbles was created with their delightful hypoallergenic pet food for both dog and cat, also… View Post

    Making our own Bath Bombs with So Bomb DIY // Review

    Last Christmas Amelia got this amazing and fun craft box from a friend of mine called So Bomb DIY we’ve been putting it off for months but finally decided to dive in and attempt them. So Bomb DIY is essentially a bath bomb factory that you put together yourself, decorate and then begin to make your own bath bombs, and seeing that bath bombs are a massive popular hit in my house, if you’ve seen my Lush hauls then you should know I buy and use an excessive amount of them, so making our own felt like a natural progression. Opening up the box you’ll find pretty much everything you’ll need besides some water which you can get from the tap, in the box you can make three different bombs in a collection of pretty colours, the mixture to help activate it when its in the bath, pipette for the water, mould, various decorations and little charms you can put inside the bomb itself and the mixer. Putting it all together was pretty simple and easy, Amelia knew exactly what to do and made sure everything was in the right place and stored correctly, it wasn’t complicated but very plastic feeling… View Post