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      AD // Love Snacking with The British Snack Company.  // Review
    • Adventures to Paradise Wildlife Park // Days Out

      Adventures to Paradise Wildlife Park // Days Out
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      Selfie Bag’s New Design // Review
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      Labour in One Word // Parenting

    BCApril Meet Up.

    I am a member of a secret group on Facebook full to the brim of awesome ladies and adorable babies, We had talked about meeting up a few times but the only issue we had was the fact that everyone was dotted around the country and there was never a settlement on when/where and what time would be best for all of us.. It went quiet about the subject for a while, but one of the wonderful ladies decided to mention it again as one of the dates that had been picked was slowly appearing in the calendar and the subject came up again, I convinced my mum and.. Off to Birmingham we go!!! R and I stayed over my mums house on the Friday night, our train in the morning was at 8:20 so it made a bit of sense to just have us stay over the night before rather than get a very panicky me onto a train all by myself. We woke up around 5 am, well R woke up at 5am, we just got up with her and got ready, packed up the buggy for the journey and was out of the house by around 7:30am..… View Post

    The Talos Pilgrimage.

    I play a game called Skyrim, in the game you are the dragonborn, the chosen one, only you can defeat alduin the world eater and save all of tamriel! Sorry if that made no sense to any of you but there are many in this world who hold the name of Dovahkiin proudly, so much so they get various tattoos from the games universe! And what do we dovahkiin do after we defeated the big bad? Why we go on walks! Skyrim is a stunning place full of trees, waterways, towering glaciers and marshlands and more importantly, hidden treasures! Namely shrines of one of the nine, Talos.. Now Talos.. also known as Tiber Septem, wasn’t technically a god, if you believe what the Thalmor say, but to all who inhabit Skyrim, he is very much a god or one of the Nine Divines and himself dragonborn. The Talos Shrine Massacre – Just off from where you first start in Helgin, before you reach the Guardian Stones there is a path off on your left, follow that and you will stumble upon a horrible scene, The worship of Talos is forbidden and the Thalmor aren’t to kind to any who they… View Post

    Our Cat Artie.

    A few weeks ago now my wonderful cat Artie had to be taken to the vets, he had lost a lot of weight over the course of 23 weeks and we honestly put it down to the fact that our newest Kitten had arrived and he was finding it a bit stressful, they couldn’t find anything wrong with him but gave him some anti inflammation medication and see how things went, he seemed to have gotten better on the medication so we didn’t go back to see the vet again.. On the 2nd of October things changed, he was sleeping a lot and when the eldest Kittens returned from their weekly trip to nannies house he would follow them around and rest his head to one side. We called the vets, this was a Sunday, and they got me to bring him in to check him out, after some bloods it turns out he had low potassium and they wanted to get him onto a drip over night and to perform an X-ray.. the X-ray showed kidney stones! What are the odds!? Monday morning comes around and the vets called and told us that they think it may be neurological so… View Post