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    • Sleeping Soundly with Bloom and Blossom // Review

      Sleeping Soundly with Bloom and Blossom // Review
    • How to Care for a Mainecoon Cat // Pets

      How to Care for a Mainecoon Cat // Pets
    • Box of Favours // Ultimate Christmas Stocking Filler Gift // Review

      Box of Favours // Ultimate Christmas Stocking Filler Gift // Review
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      Bomb Dot Com Jolie Beauty Palette // Beauty

    AD // Love Snacking with The British Snack Company. // Review

    Snacking in my house is a big thing, I mean who doesn’t like snacks?! With the British Snack Company comes some wonderful tasty treats to enjoy with your lunch or just taking with you to eat out and about, the one thing which stands out about the British snack company is that it is made from British potatoes and British based tastes and flavours, started in 2013 with a goal to produce and share amazing snacks at good prices and that’s what they have done. Having been so kindly gifted some samples of their lovely treats and snacks I got the chance to try some and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised! The crisps remind me a little bit of Kettle crisps with their flavour and smell so they seem to be a more of an adult type of snack rather than for the gentler tastes of a child as I did hand the packets over to my children who very much turned their noses up at them but I can safely say that I very much enjoyed their flavour. Trying the cheese and onion crisps and the salty and sweet popcorn first I really enjoyed them and… View Post

    Adventures to Paradise Wildlife Park // Days Out

    A few weeks ago after trying to figure out what to do in the final week of the summer holidays, I decided to take the children to a local wildlife park. Not big on zoo’s personally but I was thinking of days out and fun things the children would love to do, so Paradise Wildlife Park was where we went. Paradise Wildlife Park is a large zoo situated in the Hertfordshire countryside, its history doesn’t have the best record as when it first opened it had poor animal care and was considered one of the worst zoos in England and you all know my views on Big Cat and wildlife care when it comes to their homes but over the course of the years they have continued to change, develop and become a much better home for all the creatures they have in their care and also have stopped breeding their white lions which is a huge step in the right direction. Going with my mum, we left after lunch and made our way to Paradise Wildlife Park, being a little worried as the weather wasn’t exactly on our side and it was extremely windy as there was a storm… View Post

    Selfie Bag’s New Design // Review

    A little while ago I got the opportunity to review the amazing Selfie Bag from the Cotton Bag Co. This bag has been used daily for food shops, walks to the park and even been handy for carrying toys around the house from one room to another. When I saw that the designers of the bag had been working hard to bring out a brand new bag I of course was excited to get the chance again to share with you another beautiful and wonderful bag, this time around the bag is crammed full of fun things to bring your selfie to life and even help with phone camera photography in general! I simply adore the new design, its a lot more casual than the previous bags design with that its a natural shade of canvas bag with acrylic style paintings on rather than the gold, its incredibly eye catching (see what I did there?) and much like the previous Selfie Bag is extremely useful and is once again used every single day for shopping. The design differences between the two bags is that this newer one has a zip to protect your possessions inside it. it is also slightly… View Post

    Labour in One Word // Parenting

    Looking back on my memories from when I had my three children, the one thing that stands out to me with each of them just how different their labour and deliveries were. Labour is one of the first exciting steps into motherhood, its a hard and stressful time full of pain and worries but in the end the outcome is most of the time positive with a baby at the end and a love no one ever truly understands unless they feel it for themselves. ** Life long – We do forget, thats for sure, the pain goes away and once that fresh new baby is in our arms everything is swiftly forgotten but the one thing that remains is the memory of the moment a new life is handed to you, fresh from the womb that you created over nine months, the waiting has come to an end and it the start of a brand new chapter. Acceptance – Things change, our bodies change and with that we need to accept that our role has changed completely. we are no longer a wife or a girlfriend, we are a mother, accepting that sometimes things go wrong with for an… View Post

    Adventures to Mersea Island // Days Out.

    Now originally this was meant to have been a solo trip to south end with my children and I, then I got the fear and asked my mum to tag along and just before she paid for her train tickets to join me on the journey, my train got cancelled and therefor our trip basically got cancelled, however with that my mum booked her day off anyway and my middle child’s desperate need to go to the seaside for the day we planned a day out anyway, deciding against going to Shoeberryness and instead go to Mersea Island. Mersea Island is as it says, an island in Essex which is connected to the mainland by a causeway and a road that gets flooded twice a day, the island itself its split by West Mersea and East Mersea, its beautiful, quiet and extremely non tourist which is always something I tend to go for when it comes to beach visits. As mum had been there before and I hadn’t it seemed like a fitting place to visit on our scheduled beach trip. Driving there wasn’t a bad of journey, travelling through the Essex countryside is always such a beautiful aspect of… View Post