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    • What We Eat in a Week // Week 2 // Food

      What We Eat in a Week // Week 2 // Food
    • How to Deal with Migraines // Health

      How to Deal with Migraines // Health
    • My Self Care Ideas for the Atypical // Lifestyle

      My Self Care Ideas for the Atypical // Lifestyle
    • What we Eat in a Week // Food

      What we Eat in a Week // Food

    Box of Favours // Ultimate Christmas Stocking Filler Gift // Review

    When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for the gentleman in my life, I am always stuck with ideas, I am the one who will get silly stupid things or the occasional sentimental ones, but Box of Favours has turned out to be such an adorable little idea from One Collective that combines silliness and and sentimental. The idea of Box of Favours is that the recipient of the gift is the one to hand out the tasks in the box itself, along with a contract for you and them to sign to say that you will be following the rules and abiding by the Box with completing all the tasks inside, not worry however the contract is completely lighthearted in case you think you are about to be forced to do some ungodly things. Inside the box, which is actually beautiful in a shade of royal blue and gold, there are 10 already made favours written down, covering things like house chores, Special meal, breakfast in bed and of course cups of tea. There is also five blank cards so you can create your own for your partner to do or you do for them, depending on who received… View Post

    Bomb Dot Com Jolie Beauty Palette // Beauty

    Who doesn’t love glitter? I mean I know I do, I am a little bit of a magpie when it comes to shiny things and the wonderful sparkly palette from Jolie Beauty ‘Bomb Dot Com’ is a stunning collection of sparkly delights ready for some Christmas party. Jolie Beauty are going after my own glitter mad heart here with this stunning glitter palette, given that all their products are cruelty free and vegan and while the glitter itself should not be flushed down the drain it is cosmetic grade and safe for your skin, However they have hosted and supported many animal charities and events and help work awareness towards the importance of not testing on animals. The palette itself is absolutely stunning, fairing from bright and bold shades to more subdued shades, with mixtures of holographic, iridescent and multi hue shades that shift when you move. The formula is pretty good as well, it goes on soft and relies a gentle touch to apply onto your skin but once its on and in place the glitter doesn’t go anywhere and looks beautiful, thankfully as well it doesn’t irritate my skin or do I notice that I am wearing something… View Post

    Guy Fawkes at Home // Personal

    Here in England on the 5th November every year we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. This night is made famous for a single act of almost rebellion under the houses of parliament in 1604. Well some say rebellion, others would say terrorism, but what occurred on that day is now a huge part in British history and of course entertainment. Gone are the days when someone with a wheelbarrow and a Guy Fawkes straw model who would knock at your door and ask for a ‘penny for the guy’. But we still have the tradition of a huge bonfire and loud but beautiful fireworks. However, due to COVID19 and now a brand new lockdown which prevents all sorts of fun and enjoyable family things, I have decided, against my better judgement to purchase some fireworks and sparklers and enjoy some time outside. You have no idea how hard it was to find these sparklers, in the end I got my mum to go on the hunt for them for me, in her shopping trip she also got us some Roman candles which originally the plan didnt involve them at all, I was just offering sparklers and a run around outside in… View Post

    Thoughts and Feelings of Lockdown 2 // Personal

    This may end up being a little bit of a rambling post, primarily because I have a lot in my mind in regards to Lockdown 2 : The Sequel. Yup I am going with humour with how I cope with it, mainly because if I didn’t laugh id probably cry, but also I find it different second time around. My feelings back in March when the first lockdown happened was fear and worry, full of the unknown and it felt strange. Taking the children out of school back in March honestly felt like it was the end of the world. …But now?.. Not so much, mainly because they aren’t closing the schools, there have been plans in place for when that happens so a lot of the homeschooling isn’t placed onto the parents, but I am glad that the schools aren’t closing, which we can all agree is the polar opposite of how I felt back in march. Am I desensitised by it all? I know how the school classroom bubbles work and in my school it has worked wonderfully, I can safely say that there have been no isolation of classes since the return of school back in September.… View Post

    Snow Fairy Season is Here!! // Beauty

    It is indeed the most wonderful time of year, well almost the most wonderful time of year, its when Lush brings back the sweetest scented beauty that is Snow Fairy! But what has changed this year, besides the usual shower gel and body spray, is some new delight to enjoy bath time with and thus launches us right into another one of my little lush hauls. One of the greatest things I was very excited about finding out was probably the second I walked into the store, to find a Snow Fairy bubble bar! which are hands down my favourite products from lush. Having a bath in the middle of bright pink waters and sweet scented bubbles is always something I wanted and now add that with a Snow Fairy shampoo bar, I do feel like by the end of the year when this lovely scent goes away I will be sick to my back teeth of snow fairy but as it only comes once a year then I will make the most of it and top it all off with a bath bomb, which I feel was available last year. Now I realise not everyone is keen on Snow… View Post