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    • Labour in One Word // Parenting

      Labour in One Word // Parenting
    • Adventures to Mersea Island // Days Out.

      Adventures to Mersea Island // Days Out.
    • Mud & Bloom July 2020 Box // Review

      Mud & Bloom July 2020 Box // Review
    • My House Plants // Lifestyle

      My House Plants // Lifestyle

    AD // Home Education with Mrs Mactivity // Review

    Home schooling and home education has always been something I wanted to achieve, I pride myself on the knowledge and tricks that I gained from working with children in the past, working in school and my qualification in childcare and early years education but unfortunately it has been a good few years I put that knowledge into practice so I needed a little help. Mrs Mactivity is an online resource for home education and teachers to find and print off work sheets and other fun things for the children to do and learn from, I was so grateful that I was given the opportunity to try out what the website had to offer and include it into the daily fun of home ed that the children school have given us. The beauty of Mrs Mactivity is that it follows the curriculum so you know that the children in your care are getting the correct education, its set out in the different key stages and into different categories, Maths, English, Topic, to help searching for what you need nice and easy. Created by Heather who herself is a teacher found that looking online for projects and print offs wasn’t so easy… View Post

    My 7 Self-Care Essentials // Lifestyle

    Self-care at the best of times is an important aspect of life, we all go through stressful moments but more so at the minute with COVID-19 taking over the headlines and causing fear pretty much everywhere. And it got me not only thinking about my own self-care but what it is exactly that I do to help myself during these times of much needed self time. Along with the current situation, I am also a single mother of three children, who now I am having to home school and I can honestly tell you its been a tough time and I’ve relied on plenty of self-care products and activities that have really helped me through my day to day life. So thats what I am going to share with you today, a lot of these items are creams or moisturisers that I apply at the end or beginning of the day but they’ve all helped in their own little way to keep my calm, cool and allowed me time to myself to care for myself. Self-care Essentials Lush Sleepy ~ I have been using this for ages now, since I discovered it in fact, its great for tired mums and the… View Post

    Plenty of Fish, but I prefer Me // Lifestyle

    What can I say? life has been unstable for a while now, since October 2018 for that matter but I won’t get to much into that part of this post, Back in January 2019 I downloaded plenty of fish, for those who don’t know plenty of fish is a dating app, I mainly downloaded it because part of me hoped that if my ex saw me with someone else he might want me back, but also I wanted to meet new people. I met and chatted with a few people, did meet someone who I ended up dating for 9 months but as it turns out, he was less interested in being a couple and didn’t even want a label, in the end he dumped me via text and I never spoke to him again. I then downloaded the app back and started messaging people again, once again I met someone on there, met up and it felt good, for a while, we met family and met friends and things felt okay for a little while until he said those three words a little sooner than I preferred, I didn’t feel it back but regrettably, I said it back, I… View Post

    How to Soothe and Restore those hands with Sudocrem.

    How to soothe and restore those hands It’s used to soothe nappy rash and acne-prone skin, now, the British public are turning to Sudocrem to heal dry skin caused by hand sanitiser and frequent hand washing. Sales of the familiar brand have increased by 25% in the last few weeks as many people are stocking up on this household favourite. “Repeated and frequent use of hand sanitiser has the potential to cause irritation to hands and even minor damage through dryness. They’re not great for your skin but in the midst of a COVID-19 outbreak they’re essential,” said Alice Bamford from Sudocrem. “We’ve noticed our customers are using Sudocrem to help soothe dry hands.” Sudocrem recommends applying the cream as frequently as required, to make the most of its soothing and healing properties, which includes zinc oxide which helps to reduce loss of fluid from the skin and protects against irritants. Lanolin also helps to soften the skin, along with lavender extract, which is renowned for its calm and restorative properties. “Sudocrem is suitable for all skin types and can help soothe & protect your hands from dry or sensitive patches,” said Bamford. “My Little Sudocrem (22g pot) is perfect… View Post

    Where did March Go?

    Hi! I know what you are wondering, what exactly happened to me and my blog during march (well probably not), unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past month, or year, March got swallowed up by  by an invisible enemy and honestly. My life stopped dead. I had so many ideas to share, write about and do but I honestly didn’t feel like writing anything, I didn’t feel like my content was really important to share, people are stuck inside and they are probably not interested in what a small time parent blogger things of the latest product they got to review. I had a lovely mothers day gift guide planned but during the week when I was going to post it, the schools got shut down and as I said, life stopped. I do have a plan to share with you the wonderful product those companies sent me in their own separate posts and social media posts as well, as it seems only fair to those companies but I will slow down a little bit with my content mainly because I am now home schooling my children and my anxiety isn’t good with the stress of what’s going… View Post