• Goals for March 2020 // Lifestyle

    What can I say? I am a terrible person when it comes to completeting goals. February came and went and I barely had time for anything besides being a parent and house work, which is my daily life in general but I still managed to read some books (I have a review coming up soon of one) and while my DA didn’t go up it didn’t go down either so I am considering that a win win. March is a little bit more of a hectic month with mothers day, various PTA events that I am helping with and my sons 10th birthday so you can imagine that there isnt much room for Sarah time this month but no matter. Here are my goals for March 2020 W o r k  m o r e  o n  m y  b l o g – Simple and easy, i’ve slacked a little bit with this but I have got so many ideas to share with you, I am forever writing down post ideas and I want to do more personal posts and information posts along with my usual reviews and adventures, hopefully I can find time to do this. P u t… View Post

    Goals for February 2020 // Lifestyle

    How long was January? it really felt like it was never ending for me but I am glad to see the back of it, much like 2019 to be fair but now we are into a brand new month, February to be fact and I am excited to see what’s in store for me and my life. I didn’t do one of these for January, in fact I simply did a Goals for 2020 post and I have achieved two of those on there already which has been delightful, I’m starting up my jewellery making business with the help from the job centre who, despite what people think of them have been so helpful, and I have met and fallen for someone which is wonderful, i’ve not felt like this in years and I’m excited for the future. This month however, I’m doing some smallish goals that I hope to achieve. Read more books – I have lot, but not enough time to read them and I want to change that, i’ve already read through Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs by Caitlin Doughty and did a review of it here but I want to find more books and the time to… View Post

    Goals for 2020 \\ Lifestyle

    With the year coming to a close, not only the year but a whole decade is ending, I look towards the next one with hopes for 2020 that can be achievable in the years to come. Finally pass my driving tests – I am slacking with this department, mainly because I feel failing the theory test, I can drive well but I am much more of a practical person than a bookish person so naturally, driving practically is easy Get to more events – as a blogger, one of the things I fail at is attending events. I unfortunately let my anxiety do all the talking but as its completely under control now I want to go to more fun blogger events. Move – Still pretty much stuck in a two bed flat, I want a bigger home for me and my children, both fur and human. Family Holiday – This year has been a tough one, next year I want to save up and go on an adventure to the coast with my children Get a good job – Yes I am unemployed at the moment, I am sort of stuck in a limbo of not enough hours in… View Post