• What I got from Lush // Beauty

    I love lush, and since we’ve been stuck inside Ive missed the ability to go to a store and grab some beautifully scented bath products. thankfully Lush is delivering orders placed online so of course I had to place an order, I shared before what I got from them in a previous haul post and I always enjoy sharing what I treated myself too. And what better than having a lovely Lush order apart from getting the chance to share with you what I got in a little haul post, little isn’t the world I would describe this of course, but I know a lot of people love seeing and hearing about bath and beauty products so here we go. B A T H  B O M B S Not being the biggest bath bomb lover, recently Ive started to really enjoy them, I am somewhat addicted to watching bath cocktail cuttings and mixings on instagram so I tend to add a bath bomb to an already bubbly bath to create a further mix of fun in the tub. The bombs that I picked are all a complete mixture, I wanted to find some that my children could enjoy so… View Post

    AD // Wheesht Masks // Vegan Skincare // Review

    Finding the right skincare and facial products is always a tough one for me, my skin is very temperamental, occasionally it boarders on very oily but lately I’ve noticed that its been extremely dry and frankly horrible. My go to for clearing up those dry spots have been coconut oil but I was given the opportunity to try out Wheesht Masks. Wheesht Masks are a wonderful little skincare company that are trying to make a difference, they are vegan and therefor cruelty free which is something I look for in skincare, what I love the most about these wonderful products is that they get the ‘kelly test’ which is just as it sounds, the product is tested on its founder to make sure the product is perfect and that no animals besides Kelly, is harmed in the making process. Coming in beautiful little glass bottles which are perfect for reuse and to help reduce our plastic usage which is also something I am really big on the minute and easy for recycling as its always important to take care of your planet as well as your skin. The Balancing Day Cream, which is a daily moisturiser that helps improve skin… View Post

    Whats in my Make-up Bag // Beauty

    Not being much of a beauty blogger, I do have my fair share of makeup and beauty products stored away, I do very much love makeup, Not one to spend a fortune on things that go onto my face, a lot of the products I own are the cheaper brands but that doesn’t take away from their ability to be good products that do their job just fine. I have pretty much used the same mascara for roughly ten years, obviously not the same bottle but the same brand and style, Big Shot Mascara by Maybelline is hands down the most wonderful mascara I have owned, I adore how the formula covers the eyelashes and creates a somewhat false lash look, since I got some there was no looking back, pretty much alone with eyebrows. As I explained in my post Everyday Brows I explained that my eyebrows are unfortunately very fair and I’ve been using once again another fabulous Maybelline product, Brow Drama in the shade light brown along with the brow pencil. Foundation on my face I always start with some coconut oil, its a big staple in my life and it has so many uses, I primarily use… View Post

    My 7 Self-Care Essentials // Lifestyle

    Self-care at the best of times is an important aspect of life, we all go through stressful moments but more so at the minute with COVID-19 taking over the headlines and causing fear pretty much everywhere. And it got me not only thinking about my own self-care but what it is exactly that I do to help myself during these times of much needed self time. Along with the current situation, I am also a single mother of three children, who now I am having to home school and I can honestly tell you its been a tough time and I’ve relied on plenty of self-care products and activities that have really helped me through my day to day life. So thats what I am going to share with you today, a lot of these items are creams or moisturisers that I apply at the end or beginning of the day but they’ve all helped in their own little way to keep my calm, cool and allowed me time to myself to care for myself. Self-care Essentials Lush Sleepy ~ I have been using this for ages now, since I discovered it in fact, its great for tired mums and the… View Post

    February Glossybox Roundup 2020 // Beauty

    Love is in the air and that’s no different for this months Glossbox, The box this month is full of wonderful goodies to create the perfect date night with your partner and ive been looking forward to this one for a little while now, all the products seem to be around the lips and we all know that having kissable lips is the important thing. These posts, which i’ve previously done once a month but clearly slacked big time but due to other commitments I stopped, I think my last one was back in August but never mind, much like the photograph posts i’ve been doing weekly it’s time to bring back some of my favourite posts that I really enjoy writing. ** F I G S  &  R O U G E – Wonder Love Charm Glow Elixir – I have been really into facial oils lately since I got one in a past glossybox and use them daily, this one is simply beautiful and feels amazing on my skin, I have used it underneath my usual foundation, it has a stunning shimmer to it and can easily be worn without anything else (obviously without makeup I mean, not naked… View Post