• Why I Support Big Cat Rescue.

    I have been thinking about writing this post for a little while now, and as I sat down the other day on my phone reading I decided to, for the first time since I discovered Big Cat Rescue, donate and support them. I first learnt of the Florida based sanctuary from youtube, I don’t completely remember what video I watched but from that moment when I saw these beautiful and unfortunately abused animals live much happier lives at the safe hands of Carol Baskins and her volunteers, I was hooked at learning more about them and supporting them. We’ve all heard of Big Cat Rescue now thanks to a shameful and god horrible lie of a Netflix documentary but if you actually take the time to read about them and understand what exactly is the lie┬áthen you will see deep down that yes, these animals are indeed in cages but compared to the abuse that the infamous ‘Tiger King’ placed upon these amazing animals then you could see that they are only putting the big cats first. The whole purpose of Big Cat Rescue is simply that they rescue, care for and love wonderful animals that haven’t had the best… View Post