• Photograph Sunday // Photography.

    Another week has gone by so it means it’s another week of photos to share, this one made me pretty happy to see, a sign that spring is indeed on its way. Matt and I saw these while walking along the banks of the river thames last week and it was a delight to finally see that despite what the weather suggests, its going to get much more brighter and colourful in the weeks to come. I am of course a big fan of autumn and winter and while I now we still have yet to have our snow down in the south if England, I am so happy. ** ** What signs of spring have you seen? Please follow and like us:

    Appleyard Flowers – Review.

    Ordering flowers online can be a daunting process. Having never done it before I wanted to give it a try but I didn’t know exactly where to start, There are plenty of mail order florist at the moment and choosing your first one, much like ordering the flowers in the first place, can be a scary idea. More so if you cannot make up your mind, like me. Appleyard Flowers is a London based luxury flower delivery company. They offer a wide range of beautiful bouquets at various prices. They made ordering and choosing which flowers to buy easier than I expected, I wanted something simple and clean but that smelt amazing. The bouquet that I picked is called Purity, a beautiful collection of ammi, avalanche roses, bouvardia and white antirrhinum. I can honestly say that walking into my living room with these flowers sitting on the table has made the morning a lot brighter and better scented. Along with the basic bouquets that you can buy one off, Appleyard offers a wonderful subscription service that can be posted directly through your letter box. Which frankly sounds like a delightful thing if you love getting flowers every month. All completely different and… View Post