• What We Eat in a Week // Week 2 // Food

    Another week of cooking some delicious meals for my family has come and gone. Last week I shared with you What we eat in a week and I really enjoyed not only cooking new things, but sharing them on my blog too. The food we eat this week covers from some yummy soup and an amazing rice dish along with some naughty doughnuts from Tim Hortons. Last weeks meals had really been enjoyed by everyone who ate them and I very much enjoyed cooking them. Once again the majority of what we eat this week have been found on the wonderful Pinterest which I praised in my previous post as a fantastic website for finding food ideas, crafts and even home decoration tips which will of course come in handy when we finally move into our new home. W H A T   W E   E A T Sunday – 90’s Meal – This dinner was a lazy one, so lazy that I didn’t even take a photograph of it, given that my food order wasn’t coming until Monday I raided my freezer and found potato waffles, chicken burgers and some peas! I can imagine this is a common meal for families… View Post

    What we Eat in a Week // Food

    This week has been a long one for me, I decided I wanted to share with you what we eat during the week as a family. What we eat is usually a mixture of good ol’ fashioned home cookin’ and some simple easy meals that are tried and tested. I always try and make sure that I cook from fresh every day, however sometimes finding whatever is in the freezer is the way to go for the busy life. In this post I am going to share with you what we eat this week, I might turn it into a series but I am not sure yet, a test the waters kind of post. Perhaps it will inspire you to try some new recipes as well. Almost all the recipes I will share here have been found on the wonderful Pinterest and have been cooked before. W H Y  P I N T E R E S T ? I mean, why not? Pinterest as you know is a wonderful website that, at its core, is almost like a microblog. content creators use it to share crafts, food and inspirational ideas for homes on it. I use it almost every… View Post

    My Nan’s Stew // Recipes

    Growing up I used to spend Thursdays after school over my nanny and granddads house, this was a day when food was cooked for the family once a week. One of the meals was a chicken stew and that was my favorite dish as a child, you know besides fish and chips! My nan’s stew was of course chicken and what I make today is lamb but this is after years and years of experimenting different flavors and tastes to create something that’s inspired by my nan and her cooking but made into something I added my own spin to it. F R E S H  I S  B E S T The best ingredients are almost always fresh, and whenever I make this dish I go out of my way to make sure I get the fresh products to add into the pot, usually I buy all my ingredients in my local supermarkets but wherever you source your food is down to you. With the meat, once again its all dependent on what kind of meat you wish to have in your stew, this one is a lamb stew and I make sure to get diced shoulder. However if… View Post

    AD // Love Snacking with The British Snack Company. // Review

    Snacking in my house is a big thing, I mean who doesn’t like snacks?! With the British Snack Company comes some wonderful tasty treats to enjoy with your lunch or just taking with you to eat out and about, the one thing which stands out about the British snack company is that it is made from British potatoes and British based tastes and flavours, started in 2013 with a goal to produce and share amazing snacks at good prices and that’s what they have done. Having been so kindly gifted some samples of their lovely treats and snacks I got the chance to try some and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised! The crisps remind me a little bit of Kettle crisps with their flavour and smell so they seem to be a more of an adult type of snack rather than for the gentler tastes of a child as I did hand the packets over to my children who very much turned their noses up at them but I can safely say that I very much enjoyed their flavour. Trying the cheese and onion crisps and the salty and sweet popcorn first I really enjoyed them and… View Post

    AD // The Vegan Kitchen // Review

    There isn’t a lot I now about being a vegan, I have of course dabbled in vegetarian food but one of the things that I wanted to do this year was become more sustainable with not only my daily life but for my diet, which I will be brutally honest in saying that its been a struggle because I’ve not had the correct knowledge to do so. The Vegan diet is, as I assume you would know, is eating no animal products, which include milk, eggs and cheese, and a simple glance at what it takes to take part in the vegan diet shows that that it of course has plenty of benefit for your health. in The Vegan Kitchen it covers so many important things that we often take for granted even in a regular diets like upping your water intake. I think one of the bits in The Vegan Kitchen that I find really important to mention is that it talks about the myths of protein, how its always assumed those without meat in their diet wouldn’t be getting the correct amounts but in reality if you eat a variety of vegetables, grains etc, it will give you… View Post