• My House Plants // Lifestyle

    I have a lot of house plants, I am of course not ashamed of this fact because frankly, I love them dearly and they have brought me nothing but calm and happiness as I water them each week. My little obsession with beautiful house plants started with the desperate need to own a monstera, I had seen many people mention about these plant online and after much searching, I headed to the nearest garden centre, Van Hages, which I will be honest isn’t my closest but we was on our way there anyway, to browse house plants and purchase Monty the Monstera Deliciosa! While there I also picked myself up a beautiful String of Hearts which is a hanging plant and a Snake Plant. Wonderfully at this present time Monty and the Snake Plant (sounds like a band name!) are thriving and enjoying time in my home, I have repotted Monty twice since I first got him and he has just kept growing and growing, my Snake Plant is pretty low maintenance, giving that it is a desert style plant, which then makes it less likely to murder, unfortunately the string of hearts died a slow death, I tried watering… View Post

    Whats the Deal with Animal Crossing // Gaming

    There has been strange things going on at the minute, for one thing we are all stuck in doors with not a lot to do besides drink a lot and moan about being stuck indoors, and then there is Animal Crossing New Horizon! Animal Crossing New Horizon came to us at a time of need, beautifully distracting us from the horror of the world and keeping us all pretty much sane during all of lockdown. Released to the world on the 20th March 2020 and onto the Nintendo switch and its smaller counterpart the Switch Lite, it seemed to have united a collection of people into sharing recipes, flowers and other things that you can find in the game. I think one of my favourite things that has come out of New Horizon being released has simply been the amount of people who have never gamed at all in their life, pick up the new game and a new switch for themselves and joined a world of already crazy animal villager lovers. I won’t bore you with all the details of the game because lets face it, it has been out for a little while now and this isn’t a… View Post