• Nudge | Environmentally Friendly and Great Fun | Review

        Nudge Nudge!! We all agree that there is far to much single use plastic in our world at the minute and the hot new topic at the minute is how to reduce the amount of it we actually use in our day to day lives. My house has done its part, we no longer use plastic straws, have our own reusable bottles for drinks and now when the children have their lunched at school I wrap their lunches up in paper rather than plastic wrap.   The little things that matter. Nudge is a strategy game that is made up entirely of earth friendly pieces, which is what attracted me to it in the first place, while it isn’t designed for children in mind I like the idea of adding something as wonderful as an environmentally friendly game to our tabletop collection. Designed by Dan Bramham the game itself comes in a cardboard box which contains One game board, Six bioplastic discs and on the back the game rules are written, I have the two player version which I have enjoyed with friends when they pop round for some drinks on the occasional weekend. The rules themselves a pretty easy… View Post