• My House Plants // Lifestyle

    I have a lot of house plants, I am of course not ashamed of this fact because frankly, I love them dearly and they have brought me nothing but calm and happiness as I water them each week. My little obsession with beautiful house plants started with the desperate need to own a monstera, I had seen many people mention about these plant online and after much searching, I headed to the nearest garden centre, Van Hages, which I will be honest isn’t my closest but we was on our way there anyway, to browse house plants and purchase Monty the Monstera Deliciosa! While there I also picked myself up a beautiful String of Hearts which is a hanging plant and a Snake Plant. Wonderfully at this present time Monty and the Snake Plant (sounds like a band name!) are thriving and enjoying time in my home, I have repotted Monty twice since I first got him and he has just kept growing and growing, my Snake Plant is pretty low maintenance, giving that it is a desert style plant, which then makes it less likely to murder, unfortunately the string of hearts died a slow death, I tried watering… View Post

    How to Cope with Life Stress. // Mental Health

    We all at some point struggle, find things hard and cannot cope with day to day activities, sometimes we put on a brave face and ‘keep calm and carry on’. but in these times of high stress and quite frankly god horrid times the limit of which we consider breaking point has gotten a little smaller and easier to reach. This got me thinking, what do I do when I have reached my absolute limit of how much I can deal with, how do I cope with life when life feels like its at its worst and I wanted to share with you those tips that I use daily, some times I do use more than one a day to help with certain situations and others do their job just fine for the day. How I Cope Take time out, walking away from a situation is always the best strategy, it helps you calm down and think rationally about what the task ahead is, there is no shame in walking away from a fight, mentally or physically, if you know deep down that you cannot deal with it then it is almost always best to back off, sit down quietly… View Post

    My 7 Self-Care Essentials // Lifestyle

    Self-care at the best of times is an important aspect of life, we all go through stressful moments but more so at the minute with COVID-19 taking over the headlines and causing fear pretty much everywhere. And it got me not only thinking about my own self-care but what it is exactly that I do to help myself during these times of much needed self time. Along with the current situation, I am also a single mother of three children, who now I am having to home school and I can honestly tell you its been a tough time and I’ve relied on plenty of self-care products and activities that have really helped me through my day to day life. So thats what I am going to share with you today, a lot of these items are creams or moisturisers that I apply at the end or beginning of the day but they’ve all helped in their own little way to keep my calm, cool and allowed me time to myself to care for myself. Self-care Essentials Lush Sleepy ~ I have been using this for ages now, since I discovered it in fact, its great for tired mums and the… View Post

    February Monthly Favourites // Lifestyle

    I always make a comment that these months fly by, February did thats for sure and not because it only had 29 days, it just felt like a busy mad month that I didn’t get time to do anything I had planned to do. Last months favourites got me inspired to cook and create. This months favourites are all about what I decorate my home with, not that I am going with themes or anything its just I am very aware that this month all my favourites are from my home decor. ** H o u s e  P l a n t s – I have developed a thing for house plants, I have a smallish collection of them around my home and my personal favourite is my monstera which sits proudly on my windowsill, it has been attacked by a small cat but other than that its thrived and is growing new leafs frequently. I also have two orchids which I have yet to murder, a snake plant that doesn’t require any care whatsoever (the perfect plant for plant murderers) and this other plant that I got from Lazy Flora which I am not entirely sure what it is but… View Post

    January Monthly Favourites // Lifestyle

    Monthly favourite posts have always been such a joy for me, there is something so lovely about giving you my readers a little roundup of the things that have made me happy during the months and because I am trying to get back into the swing of blogging again I wanted to bring it back and share with you the products, places and even games that I have enjoyed through the month of January. ** H e l l o  F r e s h – I have always wanted to try one of these mail order meal kits, when given the opportunity to try one lot for free I jumped at the chance and have never looked back, I really find that it’s a perfect way to introduce new meals and fresh produce into your every days meal ideas and ive thoroughly enjoyed cooking and trying new things. Even the children have loved it which is saying something as usually they are super picky about what goes onto their plate. Once a week I get a text reminder that my next Hello Fresh box is on the way and I use that to clear some room in the fridge… View Post