• How to Care for a Mainecoon Cat // Pets

    Now, I don’t claim to be the best in cat knowledge but given that I have spent the majority of my life around them I do know a few things about them. The one thing I know a lot about happens to by the breed Mainecoon, my Loki who is now 10 years old is a mainecoon and has been in my care for 10 years since he was a ten week old kitten. he came to me from a lovely breeder who I am thankfully still friendly with, and now thanks to them, the internet and other wonderful mainecoon owner on facebook I have learnt how to care for them.. and now I am going to share that with you. Invest in a longhaired brush – Mainecoon cats are notorious for their beautiful long fur that can get knotted badly if you do not brush every day, however mainecoons fur doesn’t need as much care as you think and does have the ability to sort itself out when and needed A pet fountain – Mainecoons love moving or running water, be careful with your toilet!!, so investing in a pretty good water fountain is also a must, Britt over… View Post