• How to Cope with Life Stress. // Mental Health

    We all at some point struggle, find things hard and cannot cope with day to day activities, sometimes we put on a brave face and ‘keep calm and carry on’. but in these times of high stress and quite frankly god horrid times the limit of which we consider breaking point has gotten a little smaller and easier to reach. This got me thinking, what do I do when I have reached my absolute limit of how much I can deal with, how do I cope with life when life feels like its at its worst and I wanted to share with you those tips that I use daily, some times I do use more than one a day to help with certain situations and others do their job just fine for the day. How I Cope Take time out, walking away from a situation is always the best strategy, it helps you calm down and think rationally about what the task ahead is, there is no shame in walking away from a fight, mentally or physically, if you know deep down that you cannot deal with it then it is almost always best to back off, sit down quietly… View Post

    What is Gaslighting?

    Gaslighting is something that isn’t heard often but once it is uttered it becomes so clear of what it is and how it comes about, it started from as film called Gas Light a 1930’s film in which the husband character convinced his wife of something in the house was happening when in fact it wasn’t. Gas lighting is a common form of psychological manipulation, for a better world, mental abuse in which the abuser uses lies to make the abused believe their memories are false and eventually causes the victim to believe everything the abuser says, to change their perception of their world. Having experienced gas lighting first had I can honestly say that its extremely frighting and confusing, you 100% are sure you’ve been telling the truth but you’ve got someone in your ear telling you something completely different and in time I started to believe these lies that was being said to me, it took me a very long time to get out of that mindset of control and manipulation and now that I am on the other side things are a lot clearer and I can see fully how much gas lighting had effected me, I… View Post