• 2010 – 2020 Time for a better decade! // Lifestyle

    This year hasn’t been the best, and honestly looking back neither has the decade either. I have spent a  lot of it alone, full of anxiety and struggling with very little help. But I refuse to go into a brand new decade with those same problems. I really do not wish to dwell on the past, as if you keep looking back you never can move forward but sometimes looking back can help you not create the same mistakes you’ve made in previous years. I know now how to deal with narcissists, however the emotional and mental damage has been done. What I truly want for the next decade is to get along with people who I don’t really want too but its important I do, I don’t really want to get into to much details but I am thinking of my children with this matter and the things i’ve learnt from this amazing course for separated parents and using it in practice, I have a hope that one day for the sake of the children, we can put aside the petty digs and just get along. I also got dumped again shortly before Christmas, the person who so kindly… View Post