• Photograph Sunday || Life

    Bringing back this series is something I’ve considered for the longest time, photography is one of my biggest passions and I am forever walking around with my camera in my bag. and what with my anxiety being a little bit higher of late I wanted to get back into the swing of doing this weekly post again. I own a Nikon D5000 that I picked up in a local cash converters store, I had been looking at getting a new camera for the longest time and it was almost like fate that I saw it in the window, I had to pay for it in weekly instalments but within two weeks it was my new camera and I handed down my old D60 to my daughter Amelia who is also into photography thanks to my influence. Then at Christmas my wonderful mum got me a 50mm lens that i’ve been keeping my eye on via amazon for ages as its not only one of the better lenses its also a fantastic every day lens too and pretty much since Christmas 2018 I have been snapping away and creating beautiful photos that I didn’t have anywhere to share them. and now… View Post