• How to Care for a Mainecoon Cat // Pets

    Now, I don’t claim to be the best in cat knowledge but given that I have spent the majority of my life around them I do know a few things about them. The one thing I know a lot about happens to by the breed Mainecoon, my Loki who is now 10 years old is a mainecoon and has been in my care for 10 years since he was a ten week old kitten. he came to me from a lovely breeder who I am thankfully still friendly with, and now thanks to them, the internet and other wonderful mainecoon owner on facebook I have learnt how to care for them.. and now I am going to share that with you. Invest in a longhaired brush – Mainecoon cats are notorious for their beautiful long fur that can get knotted badly if you do not brush every day, however mainecoons fur doesn’t need as much care as you think and does have the ability to sort itself out when and needed A pet fountain – Mainecoons love moving or running water, be careful with your toilet!!, so investing in a pretty good water fountain is also a must, Britt over… View Post

    AD // Printsfield Personalised Socks // Review

    I think I’ve mentioned many many times before that I am in fact a crazy cat lady, my boys Loki the mainecoon and Atlas the domestic short hair have featured on my blog for a little while now, they’ve had their own custom beds and fancy Swedish style nap places, along with yummy snacks that come right through the letterbox. But it got me thinking, that I do not have anything for myself with the boys on and this is where Printsfield comes in, they are a company that specialises in comedic brightly coloured and of course completely customised socks with your pets faces on them, and even your own faces. They kindly offered me the chance to order my own socks and share with you my experiences with them. The socks themselves are really good quality, I have worn them all around the house and even outside when I take my rubbish out to the bins, they truly hold up to the day to day stresses that feet can be put through. Started in 2018 by Jakub and Mykhailo, who’s main goal when starting up this customisable sock making business was to put the fun back into the world based… View Post

    AD // The Pet Empire / District 70 // Review

    I think that I have stated many times before that I am a cat mum, a proud cat mum that’s for sure, so one day I was contacted by The Pet Empire to explore and share some of their amazing products that they host, from stunning cat pets and accessories to luxury dog beds and other items too such as feeding bowls, toys and carriers. District 70 is designed with luxury and comfort in mind and as our pets tend to spend a lot of their time, 70% in fact in their beds the company decided to go with the name as their beds are their own District too. what I love the most about their products is purely down to the fact that they’re so stylish in they home, gone are the days of gaudy beds and cat trees taking up living space, these lovely beds fit nicely into every day homes and create comfort and style for your pets. I have to admit that I am a little obsessed with the Scandinavian style that the pet I chose has and goes beautifully with a rug I got from la redoute which also boasts stylish pieces of homeware. Loki my Mainecoon… View Post

    Pets Comforts with Giftpup // Review

    As you are probably aware if you follow my social medias that I am a proud cat mum of not only one beautiful feline pets, but two so I am always on the look out for silly little items to add to my home that are for my fur-babies. Cosy Kitties are Happy Kitties! Giftpup, which is a brand I have worked with before, have all sorts of delightful items that you can personalise and create your own, and when I saw that they had a new pet range I was desperate to try them out. Searching on their website I came across this stunning pet pillow that I had to get my handsome mainecoon Loki to have at the foot of my bed where he spends most of his days asleep.    Beautifully made in England and is made of canvas, the pillow itself is 30 by 20 inches and feels as soft as a human pillow (Yes I said that) and while is on the large size, I find that its perfect for my large sized cat who curls himself up perfectly on there whenever he has the urge to snooze. Priced at £29.99, being that it is… View Post

    Gus & Bella | September 2019 Box

    Not sure if you’ve been here long on my blog but I adore a monthly subscription box with my Glossybox Roundup series that I am a little late on this month, I jumped at the chance to try out this fabulous box called Gus & Bella. The premise of this lovely and fun box is that it’s designed for cat owners and their furry friends to enjoy new things and have a little pamper for ourselves. inspired by two beautiful felines who the box is named after gives something for cat and cat parent to enjoy throughout the month at the reasonable price of £26.95 a month. ** Starting off with this adorable little cooler lunch bag which I will most definitely be using when I next go on some adventures with my real life kittens. The print on the bag is so cute and charming, I do however have a feeling I will be loosing this bag to my daughters who are equally big on cats as I am. ~ Up next was this little book called Test Your Cat : Is your cat an undiscovered genius by E.M Bard which basically lets you test how smart your fuzzy… View Post