• Photograph Sunday || Life

    Bringing back this series is something I’ve considered for the longest time, photography is one of my biggest passions and I am forever walking around with my camera in my bag. and what with my anxiety being a little bit higher of late I wanted to get back into the swing of doing this weekly post again. I own a Nikon D5000 that I picked up in a local cash converters store, I had been looking at getting a new camera for the longest time and it was almost like fate that I saw it in the window, I had to pay for it in weekly instalments but within two weeks it was my new camera and I handed down my old D60 to my daughter Amelia who is also into photography thanks to my influence. Then at Christmas my wonderful mum got me a 50mm lens that i’ve been keeping my eye on via amazon for ages as its not only one of the better lenses its also a fantastic every day lens too and pretty much since Christmas 2018 I have been snapping away and creating beautiful photos that I didn’t have anywhere to share them. and now… View Post

    Autumn Bucket List – Conker Collecting

    At the start of the month, I shared a little post on what to do during the autumn season, things I had planned to do with the children and along with that I wanted to share just how many we managed to do. Conkers, also called Horse chestnuts which after some googling I found out that they are part of the lychee family, and I guess looking at them, you can sort of see it. Last year we went conker collecting later in the year and unfortunately there wasn’t many left, so I made it my mission to do it sooner rather than later and enjoy the season a bit more. This time Robin got to get out and collect them too which she enjoyed, however in her sweetness she would call them acorns rather than conkers but that didn’t take away any of the fun she had. We stayed local and made it into a fun little walk as a family as that doesn’t happen very often with Mr S away for many weekends so it was a lovely little family adventure full of beautiful red conkers. We took along a little plastic bag but because of the sheer… View Post