• Visiting Santa at Parndon Wood // Parenting

    Christmas this year has been completely different from previous years, for one thing I was told directly by my daughter that Santa was indeed real because her teacher told her so, not being something that I have done in my house due to it never being a thing when I was growing up I decided to not do ‘Santa’ for my children and instead let them make up their own minds. One I was told he was real, naturally I went all out on it, prepping what Santa was going to bring and planning a fun trip to a local nature reserve that had flown in Santa for the day. Parndon Wood is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year, we often visit to see the wild life and enjoy a little walk around the woods, located on the outskirts of Harlow which is the town I live in and next door to the crematoria it is a quiet and peaceful place to enjoy nature, seeing that there was going to be a Santa I booked up tickets straight away to take my children along, they also had  crafts to do which is something I was interested… View Post