• Cat Food Through the Letterbox // Blink! // Review

    Always on the look out for new meals and delicious cat food for my fur babies, I decided to give blink a try. Blink! is not only a wonderful brand that offers proper meaty meals for your cats but also a 4 weekly subscription service to help provide these healthy meals to your cat. The real question is, why is Blink so special? well it removes any of the junk out of the cat food you can usually buy in shops, there are so many amazing companies out there that create healthy meals for dogs and the fact that there is now a company that offers the same thing but for cats is just wonderful. All the pouches of food are made with 100% food not to different from what us humans will eat at dinner time. No junk just pure meat, which we all know are what our cats bodied can digest and handle, Atlas my domestic shorthair kitten is obsessed with human food, if you leave out the butter he will go and attempt to eat it and the amount of times i’ve found him stealing some of the childrens food has been funny and because my mainecoon… View Post