• AD // The Vegan Kitchen // Review

    There isn’t a lot I now about being a vegan, I have of course dabbled in vegetarian food but one of the things that I wanted to do this year was become more sustainable with not only my daily life but for my diet, which I will be brutally honest in saying that its been a struggle because I’ve not had the correct knowledge to do so. The Vegan diet is, as I assume you would know, is eating no animal products, which include milk, eggs and cheese, and a simple glance at what it takes to take part in the vegan diet shows that that it of course has plenty of benefit for your health. in The Vegan Kitchen it covers so many important things that we often take for granted even in a regular diets like upping your water intake. I think one of the bits in The Vegan Kitchen that I find really important to mention is that it talks about the myths of protein, how its always assumed those without meat in their diet wouldn’t be getting the correct amounts but in reality if you eat a variety of vegetables, grains etc, it will give you… View Post