September 12, 2017

Organix Punk’d Oaty Bars – Review

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try out and review Organix new product, Punk’d Oaty Bars and of course, given that my children are obsessed with breakfast bars at the moment, I had to,  We have used some Organix products in the past, R loves the carrot sticks like they are going out of fashion so I was excited to get these and give them a go.

They come in two different flavours, Strawberry & Vanilla and Cocoa & Orange, The packaging is really attractive, so much so my son has asked for a bedroom of the similar colors as the Strawberry & Vanilla box which is always a good sign!

They are perfect for popping in the pack lunch box for school, We made sure to take some with us when we went to the Village Fayre last weekend.

There isn’t anything bad in them, all their ingredients is organic and everything else is normal every day ingredients which is always fantastic when it comes to food for children, I am one of those mums who avoid chocolate and sweets (apart from Halloween and Easter) so knowing that whats going into my children is all good stuff, these are a plus for me and are also suitable for vegetarians!

K described them as ‘Delicious’ and A has asked again and again for me to get more.. time to go shopping!!

Would I recommend them? YES for sure, they are fantastic and healthy, plus my children couldn’t get enough of them and have asked me to get some more the next time I go shopping.

Price Range? You can pick them up from Asda for £2 but they are currently on sale for £1.50 and compared to other bar like snacks, this is the average price, I would buy them again.

Anything Else? I think the only down side is the fact that my children ate them so quickly, so I didn’t get a chance to try them, K and A both gobbled them up and I think its fantastic that more and more food designed for children is having less and less junk in.

Go take a look at the Organix website for more information and definitely try them out yourself, well.. have your children try them out.. I doubt that like me, you will never stand a chance at trying them!!

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Disclaimer – This product was sent to me for review purposes only, All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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13 responses to “Organix Punk’d Oaty Bars – Review”

  1. Can’t go wrong with a healthy snack! 🙂

  2. tippytupps says:

    These do sound yummy! We’ll have to give then a try

  3. The packaging is so funky! I’ll have to pick some up!

  4. Ash Williams says:

    The cocoa and orange one sound delicious!

  5. Oh these sound delicious! Will need to keep my eyes peeled for them in the shops.

  6. These look amazing! So happy to hear that K and A loved them!

  7. Claire says:

    I love organix for healthy kids snacks. These packs are very different to their usual design.

  8. Alice says:

    These sound yummy! Xx

  9. The sound so good for on the go!

  10. It’s great that you found something healthy that your children like! They sound really yummy!! x

  11. Olivia Gennaro says:

    These look yummy! I love the convenience of bars, too

  12. Britt | Alternatively Speaking says:

    These sound delicious, and its always great when delicious and healthy connect!
    Britt |

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