• BornGifted – Review

    You all know how much I am a sucker for beautiful handmade jewelry, going from a consumer to a maker and back to a consumer again I have learnt to love appreciate pieces of jewelry that have been made by hand and created by amazing and talented people who take time and so much care into their work.

    Born Gifted was founded back in 2002 by Penny and Jim Wilson who decided to throw caution to the wind and start up a wonderful new business to supply baby gifts and toys and while its been hard, have managed to create a wonderful place to go for bespoke pieces of jewelry and gifts.

    The necklace itself is hand stamped so it of course takes a little while to arrive at your door, but that’s standard for handmade items but just make sure that if you decide to place an order with Born Gifted to leave at least a week to ten days for the piece to be made and arrive at your door. The Necklace chain and stamped washer are made with stainless steel which is perfect if you have issues with metal allergies and the washer itself is about 36mm diameter so its a nice size and honestly not too heavy around the neck, I had it on for a little while and barely noticed it.

    I got the children’s names stamped onto it, and with each space it is replaced with an adorable little heart stamp which I feel makes the piece of jewelry look beautiful and heartfelt. I am tempted to purchase something similar for the grandparents this Christmas, Born Gifted have many wonderful gift ideas so I am sure I will have a hard time picking the perfect gift for either of them.

    Buying handmade is one of things that I am trying to do more and more with gifts and even shop local too because the love and detail that go into handmade items are nothing to dislike, and what I like about Born Gifted is that they seem to have connected many amazing creators together so they share the work of many wonderful talented people to their customers easily which when you are in the hunt for the perfect gift makes things so much easier.

    You do have a limit of how many letters you can fit onto it which is 37, so if you want to look around there are more pieces you can get customized and suit your needs if you have a larger family, but other than that I adore this piece, I love how it looks and as I said its not uncomfortable to wear and I have even had a few compliments from it when I have worn it out and about to and from school.

    If you are after some beautiful gift ideas for Christmas or just looking for a nice gift to yourself I recommend checking out Born Gifted and see what they have on offer, they often have themed products on show depending on what time of year you check out the website, for an example this was in the mothers day gifts section but there are plenty to choose from.

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