• My First Tattoo

    This title makes it sound very childish but you know what, I do not care!

    For the most of my life I have always wanted to get myself a tattoo, I didn’t know what I wanted or where I wanted it. I have been around people with them a lot so I always considered them something pretty awesome and beautiful, my mum has a few, her partner has a few and a lot of my good friends are inked up so it was inevitable that at some point I would jump the gun and get one myself.

    Since the separation I have been using body modifications as a form of rebellion, I got my nose pierced purely because I have wanted it but he wasn’t fond of it, now he isn’t here, I am doing all the things I have wanted to do and once I got money on my 33rd birthday, I decided then and there that I was going to book up and scar myself with art.

    By this point, I knew exactly what I wanted, I knew where I wanted it and the only thing really holding me back was the big fear of pain that I suffer from, but putting that fear aside I popped into a local tattoo parlor and paid that deposit.

    I got a bee, not for any reason other than the fact that bees are my favorite of the insects, they are adorable and are important in the world for helping us, giving us yummy honey (that I’m sadly allergic too) and just being cute.
    The process of having the tattoo done was a lot less painful than I was made to believe, it sort of tingled more than hurt, I sat, well lied down on the chair while Scott, the lovely chap who doodled on me, buzzed away at my arm, talking to my boyfriend about the sensation, it reminded me of when your foot fell asleep and it starts to tingle, not an unpleasant experience!

    Once it was all done it was amazing, I still, roughly a month since I got it done cannot stop looking at it, its beautiful and I am now browsing tattoo ideas on Pinterest for a future tat haha! I know I want Pusheen the cat at some point, my mum and I have planned to get one together too.

    Honestly the only thing to ring true from what people have told me about all of this is the fact that it is incredibly addictive and I do want more and more!

    Just gotta find the funds for them first! perhaps after Christmas I shall add a new piece of art onto my skin, But for now I am happy with my little bee.

    Find Scott on Instagram and see his other amazing artwork!

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