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    Now I have mentioned a few times already that I am basically a makeup noob, I don’t know what this brush does or what that powder is for but one thing that I pride myself on is knowing how to make my barely there eyebrows appear magically onto my face!

    As you can tell by this ghastly photo of myself that my eyebrows are extremely fair, Most of my life I have been the butt of all jokes relating to plucking them to much but its just my genetics felt like they wanted to be the comedic artists and doom me with not a lot in the brow department but I discovered while reading a handy beauty book made from the 1980’s a neat little trick into darkening up those light brow hairs and I will share that tip with you..

    A semi dry mascara brush!

    Simple, so simple that I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, I was around 18/19 when I discovered this trick and I honestly never looked back! of course I had shitty eyebrow days like everyone, far to much pencil or far to dark, but as I grew I learnt new tricks, better products and finally the routine that I use today.

    How I do it

    Firstly I clean my face, either with some water or a trusty baby wipe, because lets face it I am a mother and whats better than a baby wipe? (I am looking for eco friendly alternatives don’t worry) after which I either apply simply just some face cream to freshen my skin up slightly or use a primer.. I am still new to the world of face creams and primers so I am probably doing this all wrong but eh, works for me..

    Once that’s all incorporated into my skin I begin the sculpture of the brow shape with a Maybelline Brow Pencil, I prefer the ones you twist to get more rather than a proper pencil mainly because I am lazy, I use the brunette shade as it matches best with my hair but I am considering going to blonde. Once I have created a shape I then use Maybelline brow brush, which I use in replacement of a semi dry mascara brush, I have one that has product on it and a old dry one that I help shape it, I should use a proper one but once again, lazy.

    Finally when I am happy with the finished product and it doesn’t look like I’ve got two caterpillars on my face, I set it with some setting spray and voila!

    My everyday brow technique, simple, easy and perfect for the fair haired folks!


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