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    As you are probably aware, my 9 year old son decided to change up his diet and become a vegetarian, and while there are plenty of easy ready meals about I also wanted to make sure that he knew that he could have his favorite meals without the meat and not have them change much at all.

    One of my family’s favorite meals is spaghetti bologna, or ‘wormies’ as Robin calls them, it is also one of my favorite meals to make them because I tend to cook for around 500 people and there is always plenty left over for another meal the next day. With my Spag Bol, I tend to dig into my fridge and find any of the unused and unloved veg sitting at the bottom and pile it into the mixture so I decided to share with you what I made and how it came out.

    Whatever Is In The Fridge Spag Bol 

    Ingredients –


    200g cherry Tomatoes
    One onion
    2 Cloves of Garlic
    Two vegetable stock cubes
    Tomato Puree
    One tablespoon Olive Oil


    One courgette diced
    One Bell Pepper diced
    2 Sticks of Celery diced
    Quorn Mince

    Method –

    To make the sauce I slice up the tomatoes, crush the garlic cloves and soften the onion with a spoon of olive oil in a pan all together for at least 10 minutes mixing regularly, Once they are soft I blend them up in a blender to make the sauce smooth, Place the newly blended tomato sauce back into the pan and mix in the the tomato puree and the stock cubes, Once everything is bubbling nicely start adding in the diced ingredients along with the mince and allow it to cook for the time suggested on the quorn packaging or until the vegetables are soft.

    While this is cooking away nicely, boil up some spaghetti, we used linguine, and when everything is ready, serve.


    This is such a simple and fun recipe that is always enjoyed and eaten within minutes of it being placed in front of my children and I love making it with whatever I have in my fridge, feel free to add whatever you have in your fridge to create a delicious, healthy and well loved meal.

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