• Herbal Essences Bio:renewal | Review

    Washing hair for me is a little bit of an annoyance, I don’t do it as much as I should and when I do wash it, more often enough it ends up a complete mess and frankly gross, So I often have to switch and change what kinds of products I put on it.

    Lately I’ve been using The Body Shops own shampoo and conditioner which has been a complete dream but while doing my weekly shop I stumbled upon Herbal Essences Bio Renewal White Strawberry and mint Shampoo and conditioner.

    We’ve all remember the adverts from this hair care brand, the beautiful woman moaning in the shower with amazingly scented shampoo lathered up perfectly and while it does do that, not once have I felt the urge to moan like I am experiencing the big O when I use it haha, but I will say that I have always enjoyed Herbal Essences shampoos for their beautiful scents and how they make your hair feel afterwards and this one is no exception.

    White Strawberry and Mint is a strange mixture but it honestly works very well together but doesn’t linger on the hair which I expected it to do.

    Shampoo and Conditioner

    the two bottles are both 400ml each, the shampoo is clear which I find really lovely and fresh feeling, once on the hair and added to some water it creates delightful bubbles which really cleans the hair and removes any dirt that might be on there, the conditioner is white and thick, does exactly what it says on the bottle and as my hair is very easily knotted, it helps smooth the hair out so I am finding less knots when I brush my hair after the hair wash.

    The directions on the back are pretty easy to follow and standard with any other haircare products and is thankfully safe for colour treated hair which mine is.

    The only two down sides I find from it is purely that it isn’t animal friendly which is a shame because the product itself is wonderful and the fact that I need to wash my hair a lot more than I usually do because it does make my hair dirtier than another brands would.


    This brand doesn’t live up to the expectations that I had hoped, it does clean the hair very well on the first day but if your hair is like me and changes so often, it probably isn’t for you, but I am glad to try it out.

    ..but in the long run I think I’m going to stick to what I know and love which is cruelty free.


    *I paid for this product with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own
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