• Recipe | vegetarian pizza party!

    Not really a recipe, but we often have fun meal times which the children make their own meals, they love it and I enjoy it too because it just means that its unlikely anyone will be upset with what they have for dinner.. which as we all know is a common thing children go through.

    Tonights fun meal is what I am going to share with you today, Pizza Party! Now the last time we had one of these was New Years eve, my mum had come round to see us and help us shop for the bits we need, but unfortunately back then we couldn’t find any premade pizza dough and settled for some plain cheese bases to add our toppings on.

    This time however, and I know how to make my own pizza dough but decided for time and convience we would use Sainsburys premade dough and made them ourselves.


    What you’ll need –

    One ready made pizza dough, or make your own.
    Tomato Paste.
    Cheese (Ours was vegetarian friendly)
    Toppings of your choice we used; quorn pepperoni and ham.

    What we did –

    I prepped the pizza dough for the children and turned on the oven as per the instructions recommended, I placed the toppings in bowls so the children could create their own pizza, spreading the paste and letting them use the back of a spoon to spread everything over, it was messy and fun.

    Popped them into the oven for the allocated time which allowed the dough to cook and once it was done a generous dollop of tomato ketchup was placed on the side ands very much enjoyed by all.




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