• Minecraft Life Hacks Lab for Kids by Adam Clarke and Victoria Bennett

    Minecraft and computer games are a big thing in my house, my first game was the sims back when I sat in a game shop with a friend during a summer holiday but my children first game was Minecraft, or at least it was Kai’s first game, Amelia and Robin just joined in with the ride. so when I was asked to review a book about life hacks using knowledge in the game how could I pass it up!

    Being an expert ‘master builder’ as he calls himself, Kai was excited to read through the book and learn new tricks of the game, he’s recently discovered command blocks in creative mode and I am endlessly amazed at the new designs and creations they make but I have always hoped that beyond the game there could be some other things it could teach you in life. in comes Minecraft Lifehacks Lab. it is an unofficial book by Adam Clarke and Victoria Bennett, the book covers all sorts of things from building in the game and important life lessons and hacks to create a better you.

    How to communicate with others, how to care for the world around you which I am making a point of daily for him about plastic waste and how we should care for our planet by reducing it, we now use reusable pots and paper wrapping for sandwiches in the children lunches.

    I personally feel that while right now Kai is more interested in the building aspect of the book I hope in time that he will sit down and absorb the message that the book has for children so they can learn more about the world around them and what is important to become a better human for the planet and for himself.

    I am so glad that I got the chance to review and share this book, it feels like something older children will love because it not only has Minecraft on the cover, it awakens their minds a little bit more which is always important.

    All in all this is a lovely informative book that uses children’s excitement of gaming to teach them about the world around them and a perfect talking point for curious and adventurous crafters.

    You can find The Unofficial Minecraft Lifehacks Lab on amazon and other book stores.

    *Disclaimer – This was sent to me for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own


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