• Goals for August – 2019

    So I am not very good at this blogging thing, more so with the fact that we are two weeks into summer holidays so a lot of stuff has been left on pause and unfortunately because I have been far to tired in the evenings I haven’t felt the energy to write when everyone goes to bed.

    But anyway, August is here at last, one month to go before the leaves start to drop and its the best season ever, I have a few simple goals for this month that I hope to achieve or come close to getting done before September begins.

    Pass my theory test – scheduled for the 19th August is my theory test, it is literally the only thing standing in the way of me driving and I need to get that passed, I am extremely nervous about it but I have high hopes. I am desperate to get driving and taking my children on adventures!

    Finish painting my home – I have been slowly doing up my flat of late, mainly due to costs being a big factor in taking a while to get it down but I am almost finished, I have my bedroom and the children’s bedroom to finish painting but I am loving how my home looks now!

    Get paid work – this one is a harder goal, its pretty much on going and I honestly dont know where to start with It, doing work from home would make more sense with my children, it would be flexible so I can still be there for my babies and still earn at the same time, I would love to be able to earn from my blog but as I said, no idea where to start haha!

    Stop biting my nails – This one is a big one for me, its a habit I hate doing but I really want to grow my nails out and stop nibbling at them, its a little bit of an anxious thing but so far so good, my thumb nail has really grown out and I’m proud of it, I just got to hope that I dont break it any time soon!


    and that’s it, not a lot like I said but I feel like smaller goals are easier to attain, I just need to be hopeful and optimistic for the month ahead.

    …easier said than done of course..


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