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    These weeks in the summer holidays are certainly flying past and due to chicken pox and occasional bad weather a lot of our plans have gone out of the window, but as my wonderful mum had some days off to spend some time with me and the kids, we decide to head out to Knebworth gardens and house, which is this big fancy Manor House in near Were.

    I had originally found this place when looking for fun things to do with the children on facebook and someone shared a blog which talked about it, the fact that it had a huge slide and a dinosaur trail was the big selling point for the children so we planned a day out.

    We did make the silly choice of going before lunch time so everyone in the car kept talking about being hungry, thankfully we had some snacks ready and once we got there we had planned on grabbing some lunch which was the choice between a cheese toaste or a ham toaste, the children decided on ice cream, nice and healthy haha! but I knew we was going to have a large dinner I wasn’t too worried about what went in at lunch time, just as long as something went in and that they had water.

    At Knebworth there is so much to do and to play on, this whole large area of wooden obstacles to climb over which Robin unfortunately got stuck and then had a tantrum because she was to little to go on the big things, lovely area for the little children to play on too and a fun water puzzle which required two people to go on a seesaw and ‘pump’ the water out the top of some pipes and as it was such a warm day, it was a very welcomed addition.

    Hopping back into the car to make our way to the dinosaur trail, we had some more snacks and drink, drove through the gardens which frankly was stunning up to the house, exploring the main gardens was a lot of fun, there was a maze, stunning wooden animals and so much to explore and hide. a beautiful big pond covered in duck weed and had fun counting all the dragonflies that we saw.

    Finally onto the dinosaur trail which was full of other children in awe of these big creatures, it was a lot of fun watching them run around and read all the information there, some of it was a little out of date as now we know some Dinosaurs had feathers.

    The whole area leads round into a woodland area to explore and then back into a rose garden which I had lot of fun photographing, they however had a lot of fun up a big hill nearby haha.

    We had so much fun at knebworth, I really want to go again as during the autumn months they have a pumpkin trail too which sounds great, and I would love to explore the house too which Kai had shown an interest in.

    On the way back home, preparing what to have to for dinner the children spotted a Pizza Hut and who can resist a nice pizza?

    We truly had a lovely day and I am so glad that the weather held off for long enough to enjoy the sun and fun.

    Now onto the pictures!



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