• Trying out ToucanBox | Review

    With the summer holidays in full swing and occasionally with the weather against us, we have been branching out and trying new fun things with crafting.

    When the children finished school this year they came home with a little coupon code for Toucanbox which is something I have always wanted to try out with the kids, unfortunately it didn’t go up to my sons age so I put in for two boxes, one for Robin and one for Amelia is the artistic one of the family at the minute.

    I am one for monthly subscribed boxes and I will have to say this one is my favourite, Amelia and Robin couldn’t wait to dive in and start creating but we waited for a few days so we could dedicate enough time to the fun and adventure of creating.

    Inside the box there was two craft projects, one was make a mouse out of felt and some bottle cleaners and the other was to create a dream catcher which we are saving for another day, preferring the easier crafts to do with Robin as she is only little with little fingers so would find bigger crafts difficult to do.

    They both loved making the little felt mice, even Kai joined in as there was plenty to go around and now my house is full of goggly eyed mice that are scattered about the place.

    ToucanBox is something I really recommend giving it a go at least the once, it isn’t too expensive and its something the children can really enjoy, their own special box arriving once a month to use, a letter written directly to them and a special poster you can hang up and collect stickers once a month for that is full of interesting facts as you go around the ‘map’.

    I really am glad that I decided to use my code that the school gave me, and I think the children are also glad because its added to our ever growing craft box collection and I adore how they personalise the box for each child.

    You can subscribe to ToucanBox for £8.95 a month and add extra children onto the package as well which is what I did, so I basically got two boxes for the price of one and I of course recommend keeping an eye out for any coupons that you can find, as I said its truly worth just trying the once to see how your children enjoy it.

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