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    Now, I am not sure if I mentioned this before but I have a long standing history of being afraid of trains so thinking outside of my fear I wanted to take my children to London for the day. Sounds like a good idea yes?

    in theory, yes its a good idea, but in practice I honestly will not be going again until I am driving because frankly the London underground isn’t very accessible to buggies.. but enough of my complaints..

    Our day started off around about half 5 am, kai had a doctors appointment that morning so once that was sorted we then met my friend Sian and her little boy Corey in town who was also coming along to London, because frankly i didn’t want to go alone, we got our tickets and made our way to the platform, with me slightly panicking about the idea of going on a train with my kids but it went well, the children loved sitting up at the window and watching the countryside go by.

    Once we arrived at Tottenham Hale we had to get into the underground which Kai was excited for, I however was not, we got the underground with instructions from my well travelled aunt and made it to South Kensington in time for some lunch, we went to Pret, mainly because the first choice of Mcdonnalds was just full of people and impossible to do anything but we got some lovely healthy sandwiches which also was good for Kai because burgers aren’t very vegetarian friendly, not that he enjoyed his wrap!!

    Once our bellies had been filled and our bladders emptied we made our way back to the museum and it was so busy! I realise now going into a big tourist attraction, in the summer holidays wasn’t a good idea but despite the people we managed to make our way around one of the areas.. The Dinosaurs!

    You literally couldn’t do anything, see anything or even touch any of the displays that they let you feel, and I honestly am a bit disappointed in the tiny space and sheer amount of people inside the area, I really wanted to take the kids around to the evolution part of it all but because of the people and the fact that the children slowly got fed up and tired, we decided to hit the gift shop and then go outside and play on the grass.

    I feel like this day out would’ve been a lot better if I had taken them during the school time but that would be breaking a few school rules and I am not one to break rules! but they had a good time running around outside in the air.

    On the way back, despite the stairs we managed to get back onto the train home to Tottenham Hale but sadly we got stuck on the underground for 40 minutes thanks to an apparent fire alert at our planned destination.. so off we go onto a bus which was packed full of angry and fed up people, managing to finally get onto a fast train back to harlow and frankly glad to be going home, the kids told me on the way home that they wish I didn’t take them on the underground again, fine by me!! Kai developed a cough because of all the dust and he was just glad not to be stuck inside a train.

    We got home, grabbed some dinner at our local chip shop and everyone went to sleep really quickly including me!

    I think it’s safe to say that I will not go onto he underground again any time soon, ill gladly make my way into Liverpool Street.. I do enjoy London as its always been a place my family and I went too, but I will drive next time!

    I didn’t take many photos of our time because it was both so busy and none of the kids stood still long enough for me to snap some but here’s a few of our trip into London and to the natural history museum.



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