• What is Gaslighting?

    Gaslighting is something that isn’t heard often but once it is uttered it becomes so clear of what it is and how it comes about, it started from as film called Gas Light a 1930’s film in which the husband character convinced his wife of something in the house was happening when in fact it wasn’t.

    Gas lighting is a common form of psychological manipulation, for a better world, mental abuse in which the abuser uses lies to make the abused believe their memories are false and eventually causes the victim to believe everything the abuser says, to change their perception of their world.

    Having experienced gas lighting first had I can honestly say that its extremely frighting and confusing, you 100% are sure you’ve been telling the truth but you’ve got someone in your ear telling you something completely different and in time I started to believe these lies that was being said to me, it took me a very long time to get out of that mindset of control and manipulation and now that I am on the other side things are a lot clearer and I can see fully how much gas lighting had effected me, I had no idea how toxic it was and just how much I was suffering until I was completely free and level headed

    But I never thought about seeking compensation for abuse, I never thought that it was even possible that I could get help anywhere, but thanks to any friends, my family and an agency that is designed to help abused victims, I can finally see that light at the end of the tunnel and that cloud has a silver lining at last.

    The strangest thing about Gas lighting is just how it can cause a seemingly normal conversation and relationship into an unhealthy one full of lies and manipulation, full of confusion and feeling utterly lost in a different world, never let anyone try to change your perception of the world and it is almost never your fault.


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