• Hape Sand Toys | Review

    Do you ever feel like your children have enough toys? surely not! my children for one have said to me that they do not have this one or that one and will come to me with wants and asks for me to look up on amazon and purchase for ‘when we get a bigger house’.

    But the one thing I am not going to say no too is toys for the beach, mainly because we don’t have that many, so when we was offered to review some fun sand toys designed by Hape, how could I say no?! I have previously been gifted a beautiful wooden train from Hape so I knew from that I was going to get something high quality and good fun and honestly they couldn’t come at a better time as that week we went to the beach with my dad, there will be a little post coming up with our adventures of that day..

    The three toys we received were the Hape Power Claw, Rain Shovel and the Dune Buggy, which have been used time and again in the sand at the seaside, it even prompted me into buying a low bucket and some play sand so they could play with it at home when we aren’t at the beach.

    My youngest Robin took a shine to the toys, she loves digging and making the sand drop out of her hands so she grabbed the Rain Shovel and enjoyed making the sand pour and using the Power Claw to dig in the sand and Kai enjoyed the dune buggy and how you can move it with leaning it left and right.

    There isn’t anything bad to say around these toys, they are simple, to the point and do exactly what they say they do, plus we have even used them in the bath which means they can be used for anything, as I have said before we have had Hape toys previously gifted and very much like the wooden train, these sand toys did not disappoint, they are also very good value for money with the Dune Buggy being the most expensive one at only £10 which frankly is fantastic.

    I highly recommend purchasing them, now we have a make shift sandpit we will be using them a lot more while the sunshine and warm weather is still hanging about and of course when we visit the seaside next, they will defiantly be included in the bag!


    *Products have been gifted to me for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own, I was not paid for this post
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