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    Now this post is a little late to the party when it comes to when we went and the date today, but no matter, I really wanted to share what my children and I got up to when we went to Great Yarmouth with my dad a few weekends ago.

    Great Yarmouth is an important place for my dad, he’s shared so many stories of all the holidays him and his family took when he was younger, its also a place he would take me too, there is this small amusements there for smaller children called Joyland, there are many photos and memories he has of me as a child enjoying this area and had decided to make it his goal to take his own grandchildren onto the rides, more importantly ‘The Snails’.

    Our day started bright and early, Great Yarmouth is a bit of a distance away from where we live so getting on the road early was important, the children had many snacks for the journey and was excited for the prospect of having some chips by the seaside, and if I am honest, so was I!

    We got there roughly around lunch time, parked a good ways away from the main area and took a lovely long walk along the beach front, I love how natural and beautiful Great Yarmouth is, there are areas of the sand which are covered in grass and it just looks so untouched by people, we stopped at this cute little restaurant and got some lunch, some buckets and spades and a kite which we never actually used but never mind and then made our way down to Joyland to find the snails and some much needed ice cream.

    After some fun rides, the children desperately wanted to get onto the sand and down to the sea, so leaving my dad to rest with the buggy and bags, me and the children, loaded with buckets walked the long walk down to the sea. one thing about Great Yarmouth is that the beach is long and I had completely forgotten this fact as we walked it, but once we reached the sea we noticed how rough it was so didn’t want to get in it but did collect shells and stones and attempted to make sand castles.

    With buckets and my pockets full of stones we then made our way back to my dad and go on a hunt for some delicious seaside doughnuts and cotton candy. What is it about the seaside that causes the diet to go completely out the window?

    it truly was such a beautiful day, windy but beautiful and I honestly cannot wait to take them back there for years to come and continue my families traditions and adventures with my own.

    Now for the pictures…

    Yes.. that is Kai and Amelia up there!!




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