• Pets Comforts with Giftpup // Review

    As you are probably aware if you follow my social medias that I am a proud cat mum of not only one beautiful feline pets, but two so I am always on the look out for silly little items to add to my home that are for my fur-babies.

    Cosy Kitties are Happy Kitties!

    Giftpup, which is a brand I have worked with before, have all sorts of delightful items that you can personalise and create your own, and when I saw that they had a new pet range I was desperate to try them out. Searching on their website I came across this stunning pet pillow that I had to get my handsome mainecoon Loki to have at the foot of my bed where he spends most of his days asleep.


    Beautifully made in England and is made of canvas, the pillow itself is 30 by 20 inches and feels as soft as a human pillow (Yes I said that) and while is on the large size, I find that its perfect for my large sized cat who curls himself up perfectly on there whenever he has the urge to snooze.

    Priced at £29.99, being that it is personalised, I feel the price isn’t that bad, the quality of the pillow feels more than just a simple pet bed and has caused many people who have popped round for a cuppa to talk about where I got it from.

    I also love how quirky it is, it isn’t something you would find in a local pet store and adds something to my home that I simply love.

    Giftpup boast some wonderful products for pet owners and for pets themselves along with stunning gifts for family and friends, I truly love the products from Giftpup and often find myself browsing the website and adding things into my basket for birthday ideas and the obviously speedily approaching Christmas list.

    If you are after something for yourself, for a friend or even for your fur baby then Giftpup is seriously the best place to go for wonderful quality items that not only look stunning but are well made, creative and funny addition to your home.


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    1. December 27, 2019 / 2:13 pm

      These look fab. Will definitely be checking the company out for future gifts for the pet lovers in my family.

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