• Goals for 2020 \\ Lifestyle

    With the year coming to a close, not only the year but a whole decade is ending, I look towards the next one with hopes for 2020 that can be achievable in the years to come.

    • Finally pass my driving tests – I am slacking with this department, mainly because I feel failing the theory test, I can drive well but I am much more of a practical person than a bookish person so naturally, driving practically is easy
    • Get to more events – as a blogger, one of the things I fail at is attending events. I unfortunately let my anxiety do all the talking but as its completely under control now I want to go to more fun blogger events.
    • Move – Still pretty much stuck in a two bed flat, I want a bigger home for me and my children, both fur and human.
    • Family Holiday – This year has been a tough one, next year I want to save up and go on an adventure to the coast with my children
    • Get a good job – Yes I am unemployed at the moment, I am sort of stuck in a limbo of not enough hours in the day to find something suitable for me to do without it being a complete waste of my time.
    • Start up a business – A bit like above, working for myself at home would honestly be ideal and I can make jewellery, its something I’ve dabbled in time and again and would love to make it something I can earn money from.
    • Fall in Love – This one is more of a long term thing as love cannot be planned, I am just hopeful for true love in my future, forever a romantic me!

    Some are big, some are small, All of which are something I hope to achieve in the years to come. I want a better future for myself and the best way to do it is by doing it myself, kicking myself up the butt and working towards that life I want.

    Life has honestly thrown me some crap these past 10 years but I have some good vibes for the next 10, as much as I don’t really want to turn 40 and become old and wrinkly, I am so excited for what is in store for me and my family.

    What have you got planned for the new decade ahead?


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