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    Christmas this year has been completely different from previous years, for one thing I was told directly by my daughter that Santa was indeed real because her teacher told her so, not being something that I have done in my house due to it never being a thing when I was growing up I decided to not do ‘Santa’ for my children and instead let them make up their own minds.

    One I was told he was real, naturally I went all out on it, prepping what Santa was going to bring and planning a fun trip to a local nature reserve that had flown in Santa for the day.

    Parndon Wood is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year, we often visit to see the wild life and enjoy a little walk around the woods, located on the outskirts of Harlow which is the town I live in and next door to the crematoria it is a quiet and peaceful place to enjoy nature, seeing that there was going to be a Santa I booked up tickets straight away to take my children along, they also had  crafts to do which is something I was interested in.

    All three of them jumped into making some beautiful decorations, Amelia chose a snowflake while Robin and Kai picked a bauble for the tree and painted away, also at the location there was these lovely people who was showcasing and selling local honey made by the bees that live in Parndon Wood and Essex, being that I am allergic to honey I didnt want to try any but the children, plus my mum ate loads of the stuff and we purchased some jars, we got one clear and one cloudy.


    After the honey and the decorations we went around to meet Santa, there was a little but of a wait but that didn’t matter, before we knew it we was at the door and ready to meet the big man himself, Kai didnt want to meet him and hung back with my mum, Amelia told Santa that Kai was naughty and they all had a wonderful time getting some gifts from the man himself.

    Parndon Wood is such a beautiful place, and I love that its literally on my doorstep within walking distance from where we live. it often has free and ticketed events throughout the year which is simply wonderful for the children to enjoy.

    I am looking forward to heading back in the new year for other fun events to come.



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