January 27, 2020

AD // Sassy Shop Wax || Review.

Candles are one of my favourite things in my home, and for that matter my home is completely full of them, some are small and some are big. I have lanterns and beautiful candle holders but the one thing I do not own many of, is Wax Melts.

Due to my anxiety which is worse at night I sometimes suffer with sleep, I find it awkward to get to sleep when my mind is going a mile a minute with the current stresses of my life, so naturally I have tried all sorts of sleep aids that are more natural than medical but I never thought about using wax melts to aid in that process.

I received two wonderful samples from Sassy Shop Wax to try out, one segment pot and one wax melt bar, I put one of my little wax melt connection on roughly an hour before I intend on going to bed, similar to how I use my oil defuser and I have found the wonderful scents and fragrances that slowly fill my home have really made me relax and help me drift off to a less anxiety ridden restful nights sleep, Along with wax melts you can also purchase room sprays, wax burners and even bath products such as bath bombs and soaps.

Not only do the smell wonderful, they look stunning too with biodegradable glitter that shimmer in the light and look beautiful melted down in my oil burner, I cannot express how much these are so beautiful and wonderfully simple, and I have found that they still smell good after the first burn which sometimes the higher branded wax melts seem to lack.

Sassy Shop Wax was created by Keely to connect people and memories through the power of beautiful smelling scents and fragrances from her own kitchen as a hobby which is now a fully fledged business, what I find fantastic is that there is a monthly box which you can subscribe too which contains three options to choose from if that is something you enjoy doing as well as a starter pack which is a collection of different wax melt bars to try out before jumping in and finding the one you love the most.

Whats also wonderful about this one wax melt business is that there is a fun online community which you can join and chat with other wax-aholics, you can find it on facebook here, you will need to answer some quick questions from the admins but once you are in it is full of chatter and like minded people.

if you are a fan of wax melts, beautiful scented products and even candles then I highly recommend you give Sassy Shop Wax a try out and fill your home up, I know for one that I am going to order more when I get the chance.


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6 responses to “AD // Sassy Shop Wax || Review.”

  1. Fizz says:

    These look gorgeous! I got a wax burner for Christmas so I’ll definitely try this brand x

  2. I myself struggle with anxiety which affects my sleep so I might give these a go. They sound and look gorgeous. xx

  3. These melts look beautiful and I LOVE that they’re made with biodegradable glitter! Your photos are gorgeous too! Are they available in the UK?

  4. Darina says:

    I love candles with beautiful and stress releasing scents. I never knew about Sassy, I will for sure try their products. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These look so pretty and I LOVE that they use biodegradable glitter! I wish more brands did this!

  6. Kayleigh Zara says:

    Oh my gosh these wax melts look so cute and I really love the colour schemes. I’ll have to check the shop out. Thanks for sharing x

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