February 1, 2020

Goals for February 2020 // Lifestyle

How long was January? it really felt like it was never ending for me but I am glad to see the back of it, much like 2019 to be fair but now we are into a brand new month, February to be fact and I am excited to see what’s in store for me and my life.

I didn’t do one of these for January, in fact I simply did a Goals for 2020 post and I have achieved two of those on there already which has been delightful, I’m starting up my jewellery making business with the help from the job centre who, despite what people think of them have been so helpful, and I have met and fallen for someone which is wonderful, i’ve not felt like this in years and I’m excited for the future.

This month however, I’m doing some smallish goals that I hope to achieve.

and there we go, pretty simple and easy ones that I can do, and some like the improving the DA of my blog is an on going type of thing that I hope will get better throughout the year. I am really excited for this month, for the first time in a very very long time I have felt butterflies and happiness and I just cannot wait to see what 2020 has to bring.

What are your goals for the month ahead?

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  1. Claire says:

    What lovely goals.

    My DA Score is terrible because I’ve been self hosted for a month!

    Good luck smashing your goals x z

  2. Congrats on smashing two of your goals already – so exciting.

    The book about the cat and the eyeballs? Just looked it up – wow! There’s a chapter about doing a poo after you die. I had no idea! Must check this out. Ha. Xx

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