• Visiting The Tate Modern // Days Out

    For a few weeks now I’ve been visiting London pretty regularly with my partner, we’ve done a few things together and one of them has been going into the wonderful Tate Modern. The Tate Modern is free, like a lot of the museums and galleries in London which is fantastic to be a tourist and waste a good afternoon browsing around the art work (because its free).

    Walking in from the main entrance in the huge turbine hall was this stunning fountain which you could sit on and enjoy, designed by Kara Walker, I love the exhibitions that are in the turbine hall as most of the time they are interactive for the public to enjoy and make what they want with it.

    The commissioned piece is inspired as you can probably see by the Victoria Memorial and you can have a little read about it here if you are interested in learning more.

    Making our way through the galleries, we first come across surrealism, its surprising when modern art started, I honestly thought, in my stupidity that modern art meant pretentious and snobbish but forgetting that Picasso was indeed considered modern art, there was I will admit many piece of art that to me didn’t feel like art and more junk but that in itself is the beauty of art and its subjected to your own interpretation.

    and then there was pieces of art that simple reminded me of my own 3 year olds artwork that she brought home from preschool (see above)

    Similar to what I said above, walking through the different galleries with the statues, many of them I didn’t fully understand or I guess appreciate, a whole room with white blinds hanging from the ceiling that from a far distance look like boxes, and another room that had an almost Rube Goldberg Machine vibe to it.

    I think one of my favourite pieces from the models has to have been the one that looked like it was made completely out of sand, and once I had written the description it was actually made out of couscous, I included this one in my last weeks Photograph Sunday because it just looked so different and weird.

    Artwork why’s I was on the hunt for this one throughout the gallery, I remember when I was at school and being obsessed with pop art and this one piece of art always stood out to me, perhaps it was because of the fact I love comic book art or just the fact that it looked so out of place among the other pieces of art around.

    I really enjoyed our time visiting The Tate Modern, you don’t even have to enjoy or understand art to walk around it, and as I have said above with the fact that it is indeed one of the many free places to visit in London it has to be a must for anyone to pop into when you are along the south bank.

    We even headed up to the tenth floor to look out around the city, which I feel if it was a warmer less windier day it would’ve been fantastic, even with the cold that was our day, it was beautiful to stand and watch the busy city go about its day life.



    Genuinely had a great time visiting the capital and exploring what it had to offer, I am endlessly surprised just how many amazing and free places you can visit in what I consider a really expensive tourist place.

    Have you ever visited The Tate Modern?..

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